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Republicans in forty three states have introduced largely the same package of bills And they they would not be doing that. If donald trump had won the election a sixty percent of republicans as apoe yesterday still say the election was riven with fraud and and biden was did not win legitimately which is not borne out by any facts And so you know you've got all this activity aimed at reducing participation that is propagated. You know order that is based on just a frequent lie and lie. And look i i would i. I'm going to disagree with you. A little bit in texas. There was a poll there in texas. That said it was something crazy. Like eighty five percent of republicans thought the election was able to think it was close to ninety right so so so the and it's something like eighty five percent of republicans believe in increase in the opportunities. Vote right and so. There is a disconnect even here in texas based on some of the data that i've seen about hurricane household. No look. I don't ever. When i when i when i look through people are like hey people think you should have an idea to vote and they think you should be able to have as many opportunities as possible. I think that's where that's where most that's where most folks are. And so this this notion of trying to create this is brought upon the republican part if we wanna win national elections. We're gonna have to set that. Twenty twenty election was not stolen. It was lost. Donald trump lost the election. He was the anchor the next of so many other folks right he sold many republicans have out perform him right. The election was lost to. We gotta stop it being acceptable to conspiracy theories and one of the conspiracy. Theories is that twenty twenty election was stolen. And so until we're able to to do those things. We're going to continue to lose national elections. We've lost seven eight. Alas boy popular votes right and so so why. This many these efforts may be an effort to appeal to edge. 'cause you focused on primary election if you want to see real change in this country and if you want to grow the republican party then guess way we have to make sure that we're increasing our brand in these incommunicado folks under the age of thirty and with women with a college degree in the suburbs. Guess what all these things his those groups off and and so this trend is it's i also it's it's not align with our values and so again. What problem is some of these things solving. If you believe in local control let let different locations be involved in making some of these decisions and guess what people can disagree that they don't want to your things and say you a lot of work to do my friend because i don't think your view is the prevailing view among you know. The republican mucketty mucks right now. No but but what is interesting. Though to what the congressman just said the probably one of the things that we all focus a little in georgia on the passing out of water and food in you know in in the line which is stupid and egregious and although it is one hundred fifty feet egregious but it also is a little less egregious than the popular view of it is well i mean i think i think what it says more than its impact is it gives you a sense of what their absolute but to to the congressman's pointing the most egregious thing in the bill may be and should be for. Republicans is local control of their elections has now been removed and put into the hands of the state legislature. Just the bill. I mean counties basically need now the state's approval to make change it to an election and and again it just this notion of the republican party and in its sort of traditional historical views of of either. The party of lincoln or of local control is just very very different in its manifestation today with win win before the two thousand sixteen election. Right i was. I was the chairman of a subcommittee and we held the first Hearing on russian involvement in our elections right and this is even before. The election was over in one of the things that happen. Ah prior to the election is a jay johnson. He was secretary of homeland. Security at the time said that they were gonna make it infrastructure a critical infrastructure meaning. There was gonna be. Dhs funds available to the states. In order to help defend an updated. Everybody freaks out the national association of secretaries states. Come in they're like this is nationalizing. Election wasn't a nationalized. Dhs wasn't taking over conducting the election. They're saying federal dollars could be able to help you defend in harden your infrastructure to do this so everybody was worked up and saying little control. This is a local control issue and now for years later the same people that are having those those those those those conversations are taking the exact opposite position. This lack of ideological consistency is is is is one of the bigger problems. Yeah i mean look. It's not let let's be blunt about it. It's not about ideological consistency. It's about trying to hang on to power. I mean they think it's going to advantage them in the next election. I think it's a question as to whether that's true because a lot of people can be very pissed off about this and this could be the rallying cry that actually gets people out To vote. I think generally historically when you when you seek to take something as sacred as this away you you tend to give people a pretty good reason to exercise that right and i. I don't think you need to be a highly creative person to figure out what a decent part of the stump speech is going to be for. Lots of democrats particularly ones running in georgia. There's there's there's no doubt about it. And i would say this to access you know The all star game one of the one of the people they were going to honor was The late great tank. Air and hank aaron A famous People know these famous alabamian born not far from where john lewis was In in south alabama. And i think I think governor can't may not. But i think i'm pretty sure hank. Aaron would have most assuredly approved of major league baseball's decision. Hank aaron john lewis and robert gibbs three the three most prominent alabamian we should. We should note that here okay. Let's take a break right here for a word from our sponsor will be right back..

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