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Jennifer crag of dell Beaver Creek for Janice was the winning designer for the homecoming king and that is the artist formerly known as prince Rudy congratulations thank you he's a good boy he is a very good boy he wore that so well and I have to tell you now that it's all over and I can be more partial it was my favorite costume of the night thank you very much really always with everything so well and he's a hard one to date because the job he he walks the walk and talk the talk and where's the clothes well and he's very comfortable and I'm not that I was gonna say he looked like he was born to wear it he with those back and everything he looked like he was just live in the park is great but the best for you we can put anything on him and give them a little bit of time to get used to it he will wear it and walk the runway and he wins every time he gets on the runway we we have not yet been to an event that he didn't win a trophy so we're very excited about having him that is wonderful congratulations thank you thank you so we hear with Karen Ellison and routine who won homecoming king well it's not routine the artist formerly known as prince Rudy Karen congratulations thank you so much has the field to win you know it's it's for charity and it's just a lot of fun something different of course it will be good to win I'm so proud of my dog what I hear he walked away with something a prize every time he gets on the runway he's been you know he's there we have we've been very fortunate and he I like the way he walks on the run way I think that's kind of you know his claim to fame is that he stress himself as a toy poodle on that on the runway and he wears the clothes I was telling this to Janet he just looked like he was meant to wear the clothes tonight last night he looked so comfortable in his mouth and he looked so great he was just rocking I give all the credit to Janice because to it you know she did I wouldn't use any other designer you know we know each other well she knows reedy whale so I think it's just a good fit in it yet you're right she picks the design and just knows how to put it on reading and have to do to get them executed last night absolutely congratulations thank you the night is over so with our show for today so we're going to did I do and and till next time thank you so much for listening it's been so much fun at the leather and lace homecoming dance my passion is fashion and rescue so tune in next time.

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