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Russians and and Donald Trump doesn't deliver that morning the lets a little more serious instead of their unprotected and you know the United States is going out of their way to encircle the in the former Soviet Union since what nineteen eighteen and and by afternoon this is to after the Soviet Union cells we've still been encircling them with NATO missiles in Poland and everywhere else and and totally encircling Russia and. finally when we get there we've got arms going straight to the Ukraine doesn't deliver it. so you know it is is Donald Trump during this first panel no he's doing it for himself here in Brighton is a threat to to Donald Trump. hello I mean not delivering the money. delivered it in July and it's it's not certain whether it's even been it's been delivered it was released but it took months for it to be I mean it should have been rude to release before July right I mean Congress appropriated is bi partisan appropriation right and that's the most interesting thing is he's inducing you know it gets its American foreign policy for probably better than seventy years is been doing circle it is the Soviet Union you know after World War two let's say instead of nineteen eighteen to to finally surround Russia so that we can finally make them free from communism and and we finally get there and then all of a sudden we stand down thanks to throw that's the big lie about it trump's position on this and personally I don't know if you remember what the residents were the famous derivative scandal merged after Reagan bush we're basically these treasurers of various institutions run by the old savings and loans. those guys looted Orange County by basically stealing the treasuries and Donald Trump have in a quarter billion dollars to four hundred million dollars to play with it he wasn't delivering. David I'm sorry about that we got to take a break there's some there's a texture to hear that that I want to read to we got to take a break though. a teacher for over forty years one day I think one of those things that asks the question any member the answer I also noticed that he's letting his class out earlier than they were supposed to let. I talked about how we change our life. I want something different it.

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