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For a program that is not the american way so that you know the democrats stand strong in that kind of principle and not do this deal and then you have to see if the president is willing to pull the trigger on his own selfimposed deadline or should the democrats played that way to what you're saying well i i think the democrats have to continue to make clear that this should not be a bargaining chip so so i wasn't is what all about your biden right is it you really can never sorta tell exactly what his documentary i i you know he's saying essentially saying the politics shouldn't be politics which is amazing to me for a guy who basically have no career outside of politics that he's turning around and saying that we shouldn't we should naturally engage in the political process was the political process is always about given take it is that's the nature of the beast this is why you can never say on issues like climate science uh that uh that uh the climate scientists settled therefore we should do x y z no regardless of whether or not a the by public policy problem is a settled issue how you address that problem is always a matter of politics and politics is always a matter of negotiation isn't this exactly what the american people have done that of the left is talked about for the longest time and yet joe biden seems to think that you don't want the you don't want to have any sort of an actual horse trade are over this now he's talked about the wall uh you know if we could get into that but it but again at least right at least with the wall we're talking about something having to do with immigration nancy pelosi nancy pelosi who doesn't want to have any sort of a vote on keeping the government open i have i have lifing listen i think that the gop the house gop should band together they should take up the senate resolution than they shabazz said yes i know it's a massive budgetbuster it is and i want to deal with spending though i think given the economic growth projections that were looking at i'm a little less concerned obviously we need to rein in spending but i think there are other public policy issues that need to.

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