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I did the work and i proceeded to the next level in these early couple of views there were really no mentors needed but after a couple of years working my way through the system i was rewarded with my first department head job i was concierge manager at the top hotel in the group now i did the big lakes this was serious this is what a career that looked like i was now by said the company's flagship property this is where all the regional manages worth h of the executive committee in this hotel was a seasoned area manager this was going to be make it albright qatar and i suddenly had all sorts of new responsibilities not just for myself but also for my team and ironically with the added responsibilities and the title also came a whole new level of freedom as luck would have it this was wayne mentor number two came onto the site and that was pope paul was my direct report in this new department had role i was managing of verse team of thirty individuals across forty from job roles some were younger some older somewhat fulltime employees and some one off my department was also mix of and female team memphis all of this in my first room management and it was a busy property a real pressure cooker type environment not only did i have to manage my department i was also for the first time in my career trying to navigate the company politics associated with being a senior member of a flagship property there are definitely a few distinct lessons that i recall winning from pulled directly during this time but i'm not sure that these few listens were really enough to cement his place as a mentor in my life.

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