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Airport from capitol hill by dave lee now kneels back with my news desk an alleged serial killer has been charged with a seventh murder in canada's largest city toronto bruce macarthur a landscape gardener has been accused of killing a man who disappeared in twenty ten his remains were identified among dismembered body parts belonging to several men found implant containers belonging to mr macarthur police have said that most of his alleged victims were a gay detectives had they had reopened investigations into another fifteen on solved as dating back several decades but they said they hadn't found connections to the killings with which mr macarthur has been charged if on staples one of the last surviving members of the american gospel group the staple singers has died she was eighty and managed as well as sang in the family group if on performed with her sisters mavis and cloth and their father pops on hits in the nineteen seventies including i'll take you there and let's do it again which are both us number ones a system of atlantic ocean currents which helps keep western and northern europe warm is weaker today than it has been for over a thousand years a study published in the journal nature revealed a significant reduction in the strength of this conveyor like system scientists say this could lead to cooler temperatures and effector deep sea ecosystem science correspondent victoria gillick explains system acts like a radiator sending warm water north from the equator and by studying layers of sediment on the deep ocean floor the researchers found that it's weakened by about twenty percent over the last hundred and fifty years they say the trend is likely to continue in response to fresh water from melting ice sheets being added to the ocean surface disrupting the circulation scientists don't anticipate a catastrophic shutdown but they will continue to monitor this pattern to understand how our own climate and delicate deep ocean ecosystems will be affected as the north atlantic heater is dialed down on a singing road that rewarded dutch motorists with a tune if they drove over it at the correct speed has been scrapped daddy after its installation because it was driving residents to distraction strips of different lengths resonated with the notes when a car drove over them to play the.

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