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Of the offense for Georgia Tech and came all the way to midfield right between the hashes and punched out that football as it was a quick release to buy Jeff Jeff Simms. Simms in the shotgun drops back three steps sets up sand in the pocket throws deep down the middle, and the ball is caught it at the 20 yard line going down right after he called ball. Jalen Cam caught it between the hash marks a perfect post pass from Simms. Jana 39 Jeff since had all day to throw the football, surveyed the field and then threw an upfield, shoulder throw and absolutely dropping the bread in the basket to Jalen Camp. First down and 10, now ball middle of the field from the Notre Dame 22 penalty. Carter's number 75 yard penalty first down. Now to be first in 15 from the fighting Irish 27 turnover here again. We mentioned it earlier in the first half 18 turnovers by Georgia Tech. They've yet to turn the ball over once, but now is your name is for the first time all game near their red zone. They want to get a stop here. 39 Yard pass from Sims to campus. He floated that post round to him. By far the biggest play. They've had the passing game. All afternoon. Now it's first down in 15 from the Notre Dame 27. Simms from the shotgun drops back bullets on the ground name. Taylor Hayes came in and knock the ball loose. Myron almost pounced on it. No name. As the football. Oh, the defense comes through what? We're just asking for that, Colonel. What a time for a turnover. Daylan. Hayes throws the rip move, throwing his right shoulder down to the hip of the right tackle for Georgia Tech, then came around and got to Jeff Simms knocked out the football. Myron took my little most was still in the pass rush. He saw the ball and realized he couldn't disengage, spun back over his right shoulder towards the defense. And then fell on the football. Excellent play Dalen Hayes. It could not have come at a better time in the game. George. It's sex Negative 11 in the turnover game in losing for the last five games, now Notre Dame 1st and 10 on their own 35 moving right to left book in the shotgun, hands off inside the Chiron Williams and he's tackled writers. He got to the line of scrimmage, trying to run it up the middle got to the 35 games. One Ring up second down nine, and that was about the fifth time Now I've seen the quarterback read option Indian books, handing it off, but there's absolutely no one covering him on that play. I anticipate him running sometime. Hear the third quarter guy Ron Williams. 10 carries 55 yards so far back of the shotgun, second down nine. Here comes the blitz. They run with Williams on the left side across the 35 to the 40. Hard finished. There's he is pushed out of bounds at the 42 yard line by trace, willing the cornerback. Yes, his father was, or is Pat swilling former all American here? Georgia Tech. That's a gain of six down situation coming up here now for down and four yards for the Irish. They were terrific in this spot in the first half, converting six out of eight times. We're moving right to left here in this third quarter. The ball's on the near hash Kyron Williams remains that sail back behind the books. 12 30 18 County left in the third quarter. Notre Dame leads Georgia Tech 17 7 Look drops back to pass stands in the pocket now runs across the 40 45 will have the first out of in some across the 50 inside of Georgia Tech territory and runs out of bounds on the far side of the field at the 45 yard line, why receiver Ben Saronic adding another 10 yards to the Rome with a block downfield book had sometime you got an inside, rushed by Liam Liam Aiken. Bird kind of felt some pressure..

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