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It doesn't make them look very good right now. So okay so get this too. I was going to point out tampa bay. But i'll pick somebody else. But look at their goals against your goals against for tampa bay right now is seventeen goals against in four games. And that's andre vassilev ski the holy crap that bad. I scored six lost. I know i don't under- own my goodness. I was so mad when i watched the highlights for that game. I can't believe some of the and then there was the A what was it. It was a saint. Louis yeah arizona game. It was sounded four. Oh my goodness it's like. Wow that'll of football okay. Exactly right. so so since you pick tampa bay james that you stole my pick. I'll go with the. Oh and four montreal canadian's now in some ways i saw this coming but i i didn't expect this. I deleted this drastic. And you know i understand. You know they don't have. They've lost a ton of guys right. So i'll got can't cut. Kenya has gone. He signed an offer sheet with the carolina. Carry prices in the player assistant program because he's having some issues. We don't know what we're praying for for him hoping that he's okay Shea weber is out for the season and maybe for the rest of his career right exactly. So that's three big guys right off the bat and not to mention the defensive forward of the year my opinion philip philip dino is gone. He signed a contract to los angeles in. Just some of the stats. I'm looking at their own fort. They've scored three goals in four games and we start our do games and scoring bad. And then here's the other thing fifteen goals against in four games. That just absolutely blows my mind. I understand carry a price. Prices not there but carey price did not have a good regular season last year in j. gala had a decent one and it man. I feel really bad for this team right now. They go all the way to the stanley cup. Final and there are a cinderella team. They pull off the upset against toronto. Completely swiped the floor with winnipeg and then beat vegas and then now they start this season though for It's just rough to see. If i if i may just just a little bit on that. They did like barely make playoffs. I think they they weren't that last seed by the end of the regular season like last seed in the in the north division which was what the strongest that year. It was division easily. I think it's not too surprising that they wouldn't make the playoffs. But it's definitely surprised about their as bad as they have been right like i. I'm not saying. I expected montreal to be. You know top of the league and everything like that. I don't expect them to make the playoffs this season. Just because of the injuries it reminds me of the stars last year. But i i just. I didn't expect them to be this bad. And it really sucks for me. Because i have caufield on my fantasy team. Give me nothin' so in one other one other team. I wanted to mention The i'm no. We played them last. Night is pittsburgh you know..

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