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Across this nation of course on bloomberg television michael mckee serra mcgregor has kevin surrealists comment from jayson firmin front rate economist uh former chair of the present council economic advisers i like him personally and i think he is a great guy i thought he was great pick when president obama picked as well that begins the process of the politics we're hearing from our white house people that the people who helped run the search with the president have given sort of a background briefing the process and that the president never asked any of the candidates in their interviews what they would do about interest rates which i find interesting but they also asked what was they were asked what was the present problem with janet yellen she's done this fabulous job she's got us goes to the feds mandates they said they don't know they said that's a question you'll have to ask the president he'd ever mentioned talk why why are he will relieve her out for us is interesting we have not it prised if someone like steve bannon had been whispering in donald trump's year that this is one of your legacy pitch just like was on supreme court and that it should be your guy nato are guy and he took that opportunity to all of you this is important he mentioned william murray this is history which i believe was nineteen years of might mickey how long was chairman greenspan pretty bunch near that right a missile won't tenure how long a tenure to we assume chairman goes i mean do we have a guesstimate of a long ago i don't think we have a guesstimate i think that you're the trend that the fed has been to move away from the cult of the personality and i think g a selfaware person so could he have a second term third term possibly i don't think he's going to stick around like ibm's beckett that's for sure tell you what the maximum is his term as a governor runs out in two thousand twenty eight so he could serve until then if he were continuously really chair janet yellen the current share her term does not expire until twenty twenty four but we presume she will leave why should hansa rains already power that's not unprecedented to stick on afterwards but i think given this environment chill so find so.

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