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Experts at nicer business sales at four eight oh seven seven eight eighty three fifty that's four eight oh seven seven eight eighty three fifty the Transkei Terence rain and thunderstorms continue through Friday with a high today of seventy three overnight lows in the low sixties right now it is sixty two degrees in Gilbert whether brought you by Howard air weather replace or repair call Howard air from the KTA are business center a Chandler based global supplier of aftermarket aviation parts is about to expand in Europe out of the air will open at twenty five thousand square foot warehouse at the Dublin Ireland airport the company is currently hiring for sales administrative and support staff to work out of the new facility a Florida based Italian ice company is soon going to make its Arizona debut and expects to expand throughout the valley over the next few years Jeremiah's Italian ice will open near alma school and ocotillo next month with plans for eighty locations across four states including fifteen in Arizona US airlines bracing for impact because of coronavirus delta expects one third of seats to be empty this month United says ticket sales have dropped twenty five percent in recent days American is cutting international flights by ten percent this summer and will reduce US flights by seven and a half percent next month and checking the latest numbers on Wall Street right now the Dow is down nine hundred thirty seven points at twenty four thousand eighty one the nasdaq is down two hundred sixty and the S. and P. is down ninety nine points for more money news visit the KTR business center at KTAR dot com D. A. R. just into the KTAR news news room Harvey Weinstein a once it has been sentenced to twenty three years behind bars for criminal sexual assault and third degree rape convictions this is a special report from ABC news sentencing day for the man who was once the most powerful in Hollywood Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to twenty three years in prison on sex convictions the disgraced movie maker has been in court this hour he has been sentenced for the sexual assault of two women for which he was convicted his defense had asked for the minimum just five years behind bars but prosecutors said he deserved much more jail time again repeating Harvey Weinstein has just been sentenced to twenty three years in prison on sex convictions I'm Jerry Preston ABC news or breaking news sent to your phone via text just text news to four one one ninety two three well expect advertisers to spend ten billion dollars on America's elections this year in Arizona they'll spend less on the presidential race and more on our tighter U. S. Senate race we're expecting to seventy and a hundred million dollars should be spent on that race alone in Arizona.

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