Five Days, Twenty Five Days, Three Months discussed on The Rich Roll Podcast


Healthier so they live longer younger and healthier then we did the human clinical trial with this prolonged fasting mimicking diet and we did three cycles once a month five days again vegan five days of this lauding sugar hide good fat diet and and then we give him twenty five days of noricum commission go back and do whatever it is that you always done no exercise recommendation no food no nutritional recommendation and then we measure the effects after a week and three months after the last cycle and i think the results were remarkable saw lower cholesterol brought pressure lower triglycerides lower fasting glucose lower inflammation systemic inflammation as measured by crp and lower jeff one which we believe is there one of the key markers risk factors for but aging and cancer but the interesting thing this happened much more power it was much more powerful and people that had the problem to begin with so if somebody started from an ideal situation they were a lot less changes then somebody started with high levels of this of course of course that's absolutely fascinating was there any were you able to sort of quantify when you said okay go back and eat whatever you were eating where you will wear of the differences in how people were returning to their lifestyles and was there any differentiation amongst that population based upon their just sort of preset lifestyle i mean we knew that again the the people that for example had.

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