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We backed up never beat new dry. My grandma's buck in town mystic meg. Gut the backing down mitchell. What does at three point provide a messy precipitation. My game on point off as down the line the espn app download. Now i agree. And i mean mississippi state or not your point it happened. It's not like candidly woke up. This morning i agree. And i've heard some back channel criticism of her today for going out and saying it but if it happened which i'm sure it did. I mean i mean she's a very responsible person you don't go public with something you know with half-baked information doubt and i think that honestly a lot of the voices we hear people who are talking on something that they didn't witness and the people who did witness it might not want to bring more attention to it. They're embarrassed they're nervous to go to the game they've been dealing with this before and it's just another time it's happen when they're out there trying to support their kids and it has nothing to do with anything other than this type of behavior cannot continue and it's just ridiculous to me. Well no it should. It's stacy. I don't think anybody here wants it but it but it's reality and and and there's there's no i mean it's a. It's a cliche. But i'm going to utter it because it's true that you you hear this all the time. You can't put this genie back in the bottle. You can't it's out and all. The statements in the world aren't going to make a bit of difference. I mean we gave you the statement a few minutes ago from from the mississippi state athletic director. I mean i mean what does it mean. People are gonna say oh. Show me a video or didn't happen or oh there's no proof plug instead of continuing the narrative of. Oh there's no proof or oh we don't know for sure like something happened. People are talking about it and which to me is i mean. Mississippi state is a school. That i mean this. This should not be brought up. And i'm to. I mean this is a school that a man named larry templeton broke broke the color barrier when he hired silvester croome and you know it put mississippi state in in a different light than maybe if you want to go back to the sixties in the state of mississippi but stuff like this does matter it gets around and i just i mean. I don't know. I just felt like we had You know we're not talking about well. There's nothing i can say is going to help I'm i'm mortified. That this is. This is a conversation two hours before the second game of the college world series. Yeah and i'm definitely not saying this in response to paul all the other people calling in and people on twitter saying oh well this may or may not be true. No it is true. It did happen. I mean. we don't even need to talk about what happened at tennessee fans at physically went up to maggie corbin and were touching her. And saying you know like this happens everywhere and it happens to everybody but to you. The frustration is continuing to bring in the narrative of. Oh well. there's no way this could happen. No it does happen and it is happening. Stacey thank you and it does have to stop. And i can assure you that a bunch of statements are not gonna make it stop. I don't know what will If if you would go to a baseball game and direct pejorative comments toward fans who are just sitting there. Supporting their children. I mean i. I don't know. I know what that says about someone i i really don't i mean i i. I'm not qualified to wax about You know what even would equate to to someone feeling is they should do that or want to do it. Let's move along and talk to mike who is up next good afternoon. Thank you for the call mike. Hey paul pay their. Hey how you. Today i am fine. Thank you for asking my question. Concerning the fans that the world series has anyone commented on the fan this the whistler that whistles the entire game i would think a lot of people have commented on that. I've read stories about that. And by the way my what does that have to do with with with a fan screaming out another fan. Some racial pejorative. There i go. What kind of annoying. I'm my my my whole. Hey slow down a second. What does the whistler have to do with a fan using the n. word toward a fan of another school. Would you please explain that to me right now. I i got all day to day. Take your time you yes. I understand that that's awful. And there's no no mike mike mike. You're the one that brought up something else. As if you were saying well you know they. I mean it's mississippi. State fan may remain out of used a racial pejorative. But but don't forget nancy's got the whistler. I mean what what does that mean. Well i don't know. I was just curious to what other people thought about dan. Okay well as they say in court added answer let's Go to a break. I we will come back. We have a guest waiting and he couldn't come at a better time. More of your phone calls at eight five five. Two four two seven to five and we are back with dennis. Dodd right after this. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast. We are back and glad you are with us here on a tuesday afternoon..

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