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And at the moment. This current digital technology. His is certainly making us less human in just that way. You said that somebody who no one's ever heard of and has never done one could piece of works. Unle- becomes an expert on what everything that's wrong or just an asshole or jobs that? It's usually just sat because nine times out of ten when you respond in there. Like, I got you. Yeah. They just want to connect. So that is that's human. That's all that's all too. Yeah. That's right. Well, we'll say don't care how they can act for how long, but but what they're really doing is just connecting. And that's no for sure the problem. Have you used the the description of that dream in any of the spoken pieces and have it, you know, I just I did an interview and somebody asked me why did I? Why did I get into this? And I started thinking about it. And I realize oh, that's why I got into this. That's why that's why started went on this whole fear of the hand. Yeah. Yeah. Don't talk to the half too late. Good talking to you, man. That was T-Bone Burnett. The new album the invisible light acoustic space comes out next Friday April twelfth, you can get it wherever you get those records. I may have been hallucinating. I still hanging in. I may have been and I made me some sleep. And I have no idea what what the future holds for me. A lot of ways. I if everything works out, and you need media through sure, it'll be a show in Manchester. Tonight. Butter fucking butter. So good right butter. Boom. Our lives..

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