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And it'll span the artist's entire life Academy Award nominated director Eva du Vernay is making the film. She directed. The movie Selma about Martin Luther King junior civil rights battle the prince documentary will be her second for net flicks. She also directed the thirteenth about. Mass incarceration as a form of continued slavery for African Americans. It was nominated for best documentary by the Academy Awards and won an EMMY award for outstanding documentary a probe into a US coal company's been reopened in Columbia AP's. Mike Rossier reports the country's looking for possible militia ta and American coal company is under investigation by Colombian. Authorities looking into whether it financed a paramilitary group during Columbia's bloody civil conflict. Alabama based Drummond company Inc has operated in Columbia for decades. The chief prosecutor's office is focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Drummond to a contractor who was convicted in two thousand thirteen in the killing of two union leaders who worked at the company for decades Drummond has been dogged by accusations of financing an umbrella paramilitary group, but US courts have repeatedly ruled against families of Colombian victims. I Mike Rossier? The college football playoff committee has released its first rankings of the season. AP's? Denny camp reports. The first four are no surprise, Alabama. Clemson LSU Notre Dame or the top four teams in the first college playoff rankings of the season. Michigan Jackson v while Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington state, Kentucky and Ohio State round out. The top ten undefeated UCF opens up number twelve after the announcement of this week's rankings committee chair, rob Molin stress. The importance of wins against teams with winning records. LSU has the most with six UCF has none. A shakeup is all but guaranteed before next week's rankings. Come out is number one and number three square off Saturday night when Alabama visits LSU, I'm Danny cop. Trump rally, I'm Tim Maguire within AP newsmen at President Trump hits on some of his favourite themes during a political rally this evening near Fort Myers, Florida, including the media three percent of the people in this country. Believe the fake news. Is it fact, and I hate to say this. In fact, the enemy of the people. He also warned of what he sees as happening should Democrats win Tuesday's elections you on high taxes.

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