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Thirty five pounder at appalachian state university six fifty six rolling clock first quarter the difference miss pat by josh gable and the iowa bar owners have been snake bit at that kicker position here we go second five the barnstorming they have it at the twelve yard line of sioux falls three receivers set two of them going forward motion powell option fakes he'll keep it at the fifteenth spins down to the ten he has picked up and drilled into the turf by the two big uglies upfront defensively and leading the way for the sioux falls storm is six to two hundred fifty pound or out of northwood university charles williams on the stop also owen williams over there the six to three hundred pounder at university of tennessee and the i will over how the football inside the iowa lottery red zone if your lawn six oh nine up to go first quarter seven six who falls on top i will looking at third and about a yard and a half to go for a first down here come the bar shurmur three receivers set donovan winds in the backfield drew powell says two receivers and four emotion takes it pitches at farside the schuyler scott hit the ten paul florida about the eight nine yard line and they're on the stop is wofford for the sioux falls storm trae wofford time that thing up perfectly and dixie wooten is down there arguing something and there is a flag down on the field the ford motion receiver took the pitch the barsha clapping their hands this one might go in the favor of the iowa bars terms dixie wooten limit we'll see what the call is and the white cap starts to come our way a bit.

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