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For next year. And the projections are not quite as rosy as they were a few months ago, personal finance columnist. Russ wiles at the Zona Republic has some steps you might consider taking Russ. What are you hearing? Well, I mean, we're still in a growth expansion, Gordon. I mean, I don't think anyone not too many people are really calling outright recession next year, but the consensus from what I can tell and I'm starting to get a lot of these forecasts coming in, you know, growth might slow that certainly so we're not gonna have the tax reform jolt to help next year. Like we did this year. I mean, there's trade tensions interest rates are doing arising the stock market certainly seems a predict that thing will be stolen next year. So I mean, I think there's more caution certainly than there was acute months ago. All right. So you've got these five things worth heating as you say what's number one pay attention to your cash holding explain. CD's? Typical deposit money market funds. People haven't probably paid all that much attention to them recently ears because he'll go up and so low but now starting to climb a bit. So there are maybe reasons to shop around and also I think you just want to check those what really the safety of the stability of these products are for example, FDIC coverage you can get on CDs. But you don't get him on money market mutual funds, for example. And I I just think it's maybe time for people not to. Desktop these instruments that they've been using and pay a little bit more tension to say a short term bond funds. Some people say might actually outperform stocks next year. A lot of conservative. Investments are going to outperform stocks.

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