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And our question comes from Joe Stormer on Twitter. He asks is it true that glacier laid in land like, Greenland or Iceland, actually rises in relation to the ocean. When the climate is warmer, even though sea levels have risen, so basic. I'm gonna feel this one remain, right? Oh, that's cool. So the the answer is simply yes. So any place that you have had ice in the past and the recent past the weight of that ice, if the ice was thick enough is going to actually be so heavy that it can depress. The crust the earth's crust. So if you magin you've just taken like, a really nice warm chocolate cake out of the oven. And it's you haven't frosted at yet. And you take your thumb, and you press into that nice warm sponge cake, then eventually that some print will start to kind of rise in a move back to its original position. Right. So similarly, the earth's crust is kind of bendy in malleable on this large scale, and as the weight of the ice is lifted as the ice itself melts. Then there's a rebound it's called isos static rebound that happens in that place. And so for example, here I live in Maine. I live close to Acadia national park and the tallest mountain is Cadillac mountain in Cadillac is actually getting a little bit higher. Every. A year because even though the ice here has been gone for fifteen thousand years were still rebounding after the weight of that incredibly heavy shape. So when you think about sea-level rise in relationship glaciers and ice age cycles, the story actually can be really complicated. So for example, here in Maine as soon as the ice retreated. We were underwater because of that depression from the glaciers as glaciers melted. This process of rebound started happening in so Cadillac mountain. Poked out of the ocean became a little little tiny island, and then eventually became part of the bigger interconnected island that desert island today. So yes, glacier Laden land can rise in relation to the ocean. Even though the the climate is warmer sea level is rising here in Maine. Now, we're starting to see that sea level is rising faster than that. I sustained rebound. So even though the land is lifting a little bit ocean levels are rising faster than that. So we can't count on that rebound to buffer us against a future rising. C levels. All right. So hopefully, yeah, it was a really big question that made sense. I love earning at about blazers. And so with that like to to end our show, I'd like actually like to book end us with another Mr. Rogers quote because that's the kind of eighties child than I am. And this one I actually came across when when I was in adult, and I love this. When I was a boy, and I would see scary things in the news. My mother would say to me look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping and I take a lot from that quote, both in terms of being able to trust that I don't have to fix all the problems, I can work on the problems that I'm suited to work on all my wonderful colleagues and friends are also helping to end it also it's a nudge to me to remind me to try to be that helper whenever I can. So I'm gonna ask you your homework for next time is to find some way to be a helper. And sure shame your friends into voting but see if. Something else that you can do to kind of push back against that sense of personal despair. And we'd love to hear from you. In terms of what you have found to do to to make a difference in in your communities in your your workplaces in in schools cetera. And we are always looking for sponsors to help out. Our amazing producers who run the show as complete volunteers. We also love to hear from you our listeners, so please follow us on Twitter at our warm regards. You can also Email us ideas for future guests or shows feedback about how we're doing or send us some asking anything questions to our warm regards at g mail dot com. Please subscribe to the show you can find us wherever you listen to podcasts.

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