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For the next couple hours doctor John de martini a world renowned specialist in human behavior is a researcher author global educator he has developed a series of solutions applicables across all market sectors age groups is educational curriculum ranges from corporate empowerment programs financial empowerment strategy self development programs relationship solutions and social transformation programs is teaching start at the very core of the issue addressing the human factor and the range out to a multitude of powerful tools at a proven the test of time doctor John demartini on coast to coast John welcome to the program well thank you that evening I'm looking for to this how did you get involved in this field which I find fascinating well I was seventeen years old and I was just living on the north shore of Oahu as a surfer he nearly died and I was lead to a health food store and then a yoga class to try to recover and a guest speaker name called black was there you probably have the black you know last night we we know his daughter and verification Jacqueline yeah and I've been friends are there all these years but one night this one man with one message in one hour later they opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could do with my life and I was told in first grade I would never be able to read or write we're going to communicate the mapping of a gold record life I was a high school drop out I was living living in a tent with a common item she has that one night was the first night I thought maybe I could overcome my learning problems and things are not as you know read and learn and become intelligent and I want to become a teacher that was forty seven years ago and I never gave up on that dream and that was the starting point of me going on a journey to first go back to take the GED test than a high school coach Roger Clemens to test and then finally a college test and eventually learn how to read and eventually go on a journey of mentioning a scholar so I I I was inspired one night and it's been with me ever since now when people come up to you John and they say yeah doctor marks demartini what do you do for a living how do you explain I just tell people that I'm a professional educator and then I I have an educational institution and I am constantly searching riding and probably in teaching that's it how many people do not reach their full potential what we know there's a boundary on full potential I think that's kind of a fine night on a you know potentially we can keep growing the next day so I don't know what the full potential is but I think that most people themselves to others and put people on pedestals and put themselves in the pitch and in the others and imitate others instead of being on the authentic magnificent beings that they're capable of being and as a result they shrink instead of Sean they live in the shadows instead of on the shoulders and they hold themselves back from something magnificent that then the hearty would love to create and I'm I'm I believe that we're not here to compare ourselves to others were here to compare our daily actions to what inspires us most what is really most valuable and meaningful to us that serve the greatest number of people when we push ourselves to excel is that part of this well when you're it was theirs every human being has a set of priorities a set of values things that are most to least important I like to deliver a lock box they're taking actions in doing intentions that are aligned with what they value most they spontaneously inspired from within asked they don't need any outside motivation interested in extrinsic you know punishments if you don't do it rewards if you do it kind of thing they're just spontaneously inspired within the act and that is where we excel in finding out what we value most of sticking to what is priority in filling our day with high priority actions those bars our data Philip low party destruction to don't we excel double ma'am someone expand and we wake up the genius of sitting in hidden dormant inside all of us when we do that John there's some people that will go the extra distance to get something done whatever it might be and then there's some other people who fall short whether they're lazy or not and they just simply don't follow through to get the job done why are these two people different well it's just one of the great did studies show back in the sixties when people are living aligned and congruent with what they value most they are they did inspired their unfocused they they they unstoppable but the second they try to live in other people's values and cloud the clearly what they really feel inspired to do they'll procrastinate hesitate frustrate and you'll need a motivated to keep on going analysts say cost billions of dollars trillions of dollars in economic markets when people are not engaged at work and it cost me learning education when they're not engage in school but if they can find out what they really value and they can start to prioritize their life accordingly and they can delegate lower party things and give themselves permission to shine a shrink amazing things come a merchant people I've not met whenever I've seen people label people lazy when I go and find out the person label lazy and find out what's really important them and then structure published watching the live accordingly they're not lazy they're not lazy what's valuable to them they're just lazy what somebody else projects on time and expectation in somebody else's values on film so I don't like labels I like to find out where people excel and help them structure the lives accordingly do you think some people sell themselves short absolutely they they anytime you compare yourself to others just like a beautiful woman comparing herself to a supermodel will automatically have body dysmorphic syndrome they'll they'll start thinking well I'm not pretty enough I'm not this we do this in all areas of our life we walked in a ball we reach somebody who thinks more spin Telligent we need from his things more successful more wealth and more stable relationship better social networks you know more physically fit more spiritually where and the moment we compare ourselves to them in shrink in comparison will you inject their values into our lives cloud the clearly Voronin lose sight of what's meaningful to us in trying to be like somebody else but is ever since says in his ignorance of imitation of suicide we have to give herself permission to shine being who we are and set goals and truly meaningful and look at what spontaneously we love doing and structure our lives and we're the first people to earn the income to delegate the rest away one an inspired life what creates that negativity as that example you just showed us in people where they don't feel as if there is up to par as they should be well if we could get you know Albert Einstein said if you replace your tag and you compare yourself to a fish you gonna beat yourself up up to a you know of a cat you're gonna beat yourself up but if your honor who you are you will beat yourself up by sheer story it may take a minute but can I sure we've got a couple minutes before the break go ahead well yeah there's a gentleman there asked me to consult for mood but is that I want you to help you become successful and I see where you successfully says or not I see where you successful I'm not right where you six have a great relationship with my wife never great relationship my son and I have a you know I do a spiritual thing at my church and have a beautiful yard and I get along with my mother in law I sure will be north Europeans not successful you must to compare yourself to somebody said what's that doctor on that hill you know you're at the six car garage he's got the big prize of a million dollars a year and I don't do that I sure if you compare yourself to him you're going to be yourself up you know just the house relationship with his wife their Bach to divorce what's the problem with the houses relationship with a spiritual path all he doesn't involve himself for that what about his son well he's got problems the sun what about the mother mother moved out of the country to get away from her what about the yard he has people to take care of it I think we are controlling us up to some it's got a different set of values in you're beating yourself up because you're comparing it don't compare yourself to others compare your daily actions to what you value most watch where you'll shine you won't shrink it's amazing you know I think of a Jeff Bezos from my Amazon John is a pure genius yeah been here's a guy who several years ago all the internet was beginning at some moment who decided to sell books online in look at him now what do you care enough about humanity to find out what people need and find out how to deliberate more effective efficient somebody else you're on your way to fortune that's right and I always say if you're not feeling enough about humanity to go and do what you can to serve some great need that ever expands you're holding yourself back by potential and so I think that it's you know if we're living in a shrinking life we're not we're focusing on old problems that are focusing on solutions and so I'm sure she's that server we do we have the most fulfilment the most meaning we don't get into the box tree we get into plants okay what creates this in people to lose sight of their own potential comparison to other people if you put people on pedestals you minimize yourself if you put people in kitchen which address yourself in either of those is neither yourself it's only when you are yourself for your son SO exaggerating or suffer minimizing yourself as the loving yourself not gonna get your powers so we're not here to put people on picture pedestals replacement a heart you can reflect and get on with our life sometimes we think that somebody that we admire has something we don't but we could admire if we didn't have it inside as we just too too humble to admit it waking up and looking deeper in reflection on it finding it we can thank the person we admire for revealing to what we have inside that we've been ignoring and then we can step on their shoulders and not live in their shadow where Dr John demartini his book is called the values factor the secret to creating an inspired and fulfilling life his website is.

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