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Alcohol own script. Spirit is 53. If you're in no time, Mesa 47 Togo in two years time 601. I think it's bordering on ludicrous and ridiculous. Well, that is the former president of the San Diego chapter of the California Restaurant Association, not mincing words about more restrictions coming from businesses now that we're in the purple tear in San Diego, Jeff Rossman telling Koco news that many restaurant owners can't survive. Another shut down another shutdown, and some will defy the orders come Saturday. They have nothing to lose. They're going to lose everything. Regardless, So if they lose their liquor license, or if they lose their insurance, or if they lose whatever they lose, they get a fine. It's gonna happen. Regardless. I know a lot of them are going to stay open. The National Restaurant Association says roughly 100,000 restaurants around the country of closed another 40% could shutter by January. 1st drug and alcohol related deaths are up in San Diego for the fur. Six months of this year, And while suicides are down, there is still a concern. Honey medical examiner Dr Steven Chapman says they paid particular attention to suicides. Once the pandemic on the isolation started. We've been pleased that the number is down that speaking with the behavioral health services experts, it turns out that historically when there is a big, bad problem, like pandemic or a war, Historically, the suicides actually do kind of go down when the problem is happening or acutely. But then the suicide increased later on as there's more aftermath and more economic difficulty drinking alcohol deaths, especially from fentanyl, meth and prescription drugs are up for the first six months of this year. And the health care system is the one responsible for killing the actual coronavirus deaths since they are classified as accidental and are investigated by the medical examiner Jack Running Coca News. So this Saturday while many businesses have to move outside or close, pacers and cheetahs, adult entertainment clubs can stay open. They filed suit got a temporary restraining order to keep their doors open. Supervisor Kristen Gaspar talked about that suit and other possible suits. You could make the case as a restaurant owner you could make the case is a gym owner that our data does not support. This decision to close down and closing down will create undue financial harm to these businesses. It has already. I think they have a strong, compelling case, although individual businesses are fighting back legally, Gaspar says. At this point, it doesn't appear the County has plans to file suit against the state. So far. There hasn't been anything that's come out of those clothes sessions to suggest that the county of San Diego will proceed along that route. I did speak with the attorney representing Pacers, he says. Their argument centered around First Amendment rights and adult entertainment is a protected form of expression. It's unclear if that argument could applied other businesses. But he also says.

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