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The gay community, if Dammit, stop the single use of plastic and paper plates when you made it God damn gourmet meal. Let Them Know Morgan? Let them know. Let's get to our last voicemail. Hi, Heather! This is Morgan from New Orleans. I just wanted to give you an absolutely. Yes I. This will sound funny. I actually had never heard of you until you came to New Orleans on your tour. And I saw all these girls that I know being so so excited to see your show, and so I started listening to your podcast and I'm so glad that I found you before quarantine because I just listened to every single one, and they always put me in such A. A good mood when I was feeling anxious or sad or freaked out so I just WanNa, say thank you. I listen to you every Wednesday now. You're my favorite podcasts and just keep doing what you're doing. Thank you, Hey, another. Morgan from nola Morgan listen. I just want to say. I love leading in these little happy and thank you so much for sending in something positive I go through interesting messages these days. Because you know, we got a lot of crazy shit going on when you ever have voice or platform, it's interesting. You know it's interesting. You, that's all I'm gonNA say anyways Morgan. Thanks so much for reaching out I'm so glad that this can be a highlight of your Wednesday again y'all I'm not gonNA taxes. I'm not good at cleaning I'm not good at organizing I'm not good at you. Know selling insurance I'm not good at drawing blood. I'm sure as hell, not good it. Take using a rectal thermometer. It's just not the medical field. Really I'm not with my hands so doing anything in like mechanics. it's just not me, but what I feel like I am good at is finding joy, and even the shittiest stuff, so that's why we're here. That's why we're Chitchat. And that's where we're giggling. I love nothing makes me happier than going out and being on the road and telling jokes, immune people, and just like take our minds off things I know when I was in the darkest time on my life, which was God fuck off five years now. I just, I. I never thought I was going to crawl out of it. And I feel like a lot of people are feeling that way to about what's going on with everything like. Where's the light at the end of the tunnel arena? Get through this. Are we GONNA change that? We want to see so I'm glad that this can be a place that we can just fucking giggle. I mean listen. We Josh from Dallas calling tonight. He found I was married to Josh Gad. That's fucking hysterical and I. Really Think We build a community here and I'm so grateful to each and everyone of you and I. Love It I. Live for it to Morgan. Just you know we'll be like I. have no idea who you are. But now I'm on board I'm fucking here for that I. Love Getting a new follower I love. Me This is awesome. We're just doing it and we're doing it together, and I couldn't do without you as always remember you can call into the hotline. Eight, hundred, two, one, three, seven, five, zero three. I need the funnies y'all. Bring him to me even in the darkest time. I'm telling you. The darkest heaviest time is when the funniest shit happens. Because that's life because when you're at the fucking, Bonham, you look up and everything. Has a touch of humor to it, so keep your eyes and ears open. If you need a break from social media, go out. Spend some time with your family. Had this our conversations have those moments inches fucking laugh about it. 'cause shit is crazy right now, and the best you can do is be the best you can be and be encouraging to each other and be kind to one another just fucking Giggle giggle young. We have to fucking keep giggling and then doing our part along the way man I'm so glad we ended on that and hey. Shannon worlds that was such a fun, show and Shannon to everybody. WHO's going to be coming out to the shows? We still have shows. We're doing this year I know. Know, the Texas shows pushed back to the fall. You know we don't know what the fuck is going to happen. I'm still planning on showing up. And then the rest of the tour got pushed to the beginning of next year. And hopefully we're fucking out of this I. Don't know what the answers are I really don't think anybody knows what the answers are, and also, if anyone is seemed Foudy, let me know what's good. Because I feel like we need to do wellness. Check on him, okay? You the best ever as always liked. Click subscribe share with your friend. Sean thanks for tuning in and I'M GONNA. Get back to the interviews, but I feel like right now I just WanNa be one on one, an intimate and just get into these voicemails, because you won't have just been losing your minds in now about to go crawling Ben, and let Jeff know that he's Josh can and see how that goes love and light each and every y'all and remember Colin with you're absolutely nuts full.

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