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Way, there's like an Email that you could fire offer support. I heard Tobin say something about that. I have nothing to do. With folks. I'm sorry. I use it. But biggest announcement in the history of show coming next week, Billy? We have a lot of calls now. I'm wondering about the show nonce mint. I'd probably haven't told you about it. I mean, it's incredible. Oh, also, I want to drag this redshirt freshman from Florida through the mud. His name is Dirk to me, Andrew Chatfield. You see what this guy said? Nope. All right. Let me pull this up in Mike. All McCain's chats this guy. Oh my God. Enter chatfield. I have you and you and I have a problem kid kid. I don't know. How old you are? I don't even know. What is this? You want to American heritage and this guy. Oh my God. He is ruined my day. Hang on gotta pull up. Where's my? All right. Let me the my brain chat. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I got this new iphone it's credibly frustrating. Very pretty thank you. It's a I need to get a new case. I miss my Brown's case, where's my chat with D money in part. Our line six. Good morning. All right, Mike, Ryan don't throw away your DVD's. I used to collect them. And what you do is you take all your movies put a face up on the floor, and yet people ever go around the room and everybody takes a movie out that they don't wanna see. So then it becomes a game of what are you gonna leave in at the end. What is the movie 'cause you know, if you hate the devil wears product, but it's still out there. But you also don't want to see the matrix revolutions. Could you go around the room at one take them out? This is fun game. It sounds messy. Do you watch the last movie standing is that whatever the last movie is no matter what it is your group. So how does this work is it like the game with like little wooden block? And like the golf tees where like you have a plan, but you start losing the plan, you know, and the the goal is to leave one. But you have to jump over one to the other. You guys know what I'm talking about or? No. Yeah. That's the most insane logic for just twenty eight like that. So it may not even be the movie you wanna watch. It's just the movie that you're stuck with because then there's all. Because at inevitably when it gets down to like, let's say you have five people are when it gets down to four movie someone most of the people aren't going to watch the movie that they want. So then becomes vengeful you take out movie other people's, you know, wanna watch. So then you have to lie about whatever you wanna watch. Nobody takes out your real movie that you wanna watch, but you can only get out movies that you can get to without touching lava. Exactly. So you can't touch the ground. Oh, that's actually help them that seems like a fun weekend. Hey, guys, come over to my house this weekend. I'm gonna throw a bunch of DVD's on the floor and one DVD will remain and you'll be unhappy. You'll be unhappy because it's it's fracture. Starring Ryan Gosling damping, and I had no idea I owned it. But thank you so much for your call..

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