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We have another caller who yvonne have time for who's from france and tells version of the same story that that lauren just told is europe way ahead of us on this well europe is ahead of us they just passed this fully in england most countries in europe but you don't have to go that far cali has got a lot with a b and everybody brings reusable bags suffolk county just started on january first newcastle and a few other towns in westchester so europe's ahead but we're catching up we just need the new york state legislature and the governor to let us bring smart policies here and everyone can start bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and reduced by billions by two billion single use plastic bags that new york state residents lance so so are we just one bluewave flipped new york state senate seat away this fall since counting simcoe felder as a republican if if some official republican loses his or her seat in november than the democrats would control the state senate as well as the assembly do you see that as the difference maker on this issue i sure hope so as i said state senators list brad home and have the bill bill that does it just like california does it ban on plastic with a small fee on paper bags and yes i sure hope if we get that blue wave if there is democratic control the state senate we can take this up we can start bringing reusable bags and get rid of all that plastic and all that waste it is indeed not that hard so i sure hope we get their new york city council member from park slope brad lander thank you for joining us thank you so much brian lehrer on wnyc where it's time for the latest news with schmidt tabasco hi brian president emmanuel macron.

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