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World uh to make some statements that were made is not presidential and as not helpful to what we're trying to do and that is the reason that i disagree with the president right now and i do okay i you know i don't know it up for her aimed at cohen said hey pokomo were wrong they don't upward rier greg to a going forward you know they're called i'll be entertain people have looked capable rights were violated yes you're right yup absolutely i was talking specifically about some of the statements made that should not have been made it it it it is not the leadership that we need at this time why i wonder what dirty of that he should have said he should have said what he finally said and was too you know of of of later that statement but then he went back saying that these folks very very find people of the the quote was yeah very fine people i when i went over all of this and it'll be to have the president of the united states to say that some of the white supremacist protesters are very find people do you believe that no i don't well that's that's exactly how i feel opec thank you for the call appreciate your call thank you have a good you bet twenty minutes before the hour of the five o'clock in the morning and again uh many of you have any other comments feel free at one eight eight eight five seven four to seven to three is our telephone number and we're going to take another call but a break first weekdays at one m the dave ramsey show mother talk of connecticut student loans are out of control no frank in his right mind would make an eighteen year old kid a hundred thousand dollar loan unsecured and hope he graduated from college to be able to pay it back in a degree feel that was a left handed tough with the only reason banks make that loan is is that.

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