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Plant it wasn't true and as a result if you look at the look at the report the conclusions i i come to a conclusion as did others that she was not prosecuted for violation of federal law tom bevan would have been imprisoned by now so john kiss but she wasn't prosecuted and i think it was because it would have implicated if you charged her it would have implicated the president of the united states he was what he was corresponding with her so we're thirteen hundred top government officials i believe one of them is rahm emanuel there wasn't a report and to me the whole episode is sorry and and depressing and it suggests at a time and we talked about this many times time when the centers collapsing and institutions are crumbling to the fbi is serious credibility problems at a time when their credibility is most needed bug me most about this report jon is that and look i'm not sure i'm sure the inspector general had a hard job yada yada yada but what bugged me about this is that it was kind of like commes announcement during the campaign about the hillary probe where he said look she was grossly negligent and she did all these you know all the he went through the litany of stuff she did and then said but we're not gonna prosecutor same thing he says lists example after example after example of of bias in the investigation how she you know they didn't convenient grand jury when the otherwise normally would have because they wanted to get this thing taken care of before the election which implies that they were paying attention to politics right when they when they shouldn't have been just the antitrump texts cetera et cetera and yet also says well we couldn't conclude that there was any bias that infected affected investigation and so once again we're presented with this this thing that really gives both sides i mean you talk about all the folks on the right are are writing about how this report is just condemns the fbi shreds our credibility and yet you have all these folks on the.

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