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Competition. With the call of race 9 at Gulfstream. Locked in all set. And runners away. Poor beginnings for wheat shift and fight at the back. Good start for little big who heads off for the early lead royal latitude is on to challenge song runner displaying speed. He's on the far outside third. Dominican ice was away in traffic with mighty miracle just ahead of him. Then wech and fight his last. Half a mile from the finish, Sunny Leone and royal attitude clear a length and a quarter. Little big is second songwriter on the outside third. These top three have four on mighty miracle who's in front of the big favorite Dominican ice. He'll have to giddy up from there three back to wheat shift and fight his last. Around the four turn they went the opening quarter in a strong 22 and one. Royal attitude has the lead song runner closer second and now songwriter powers up to challenge for control driven third little big Dominican ice is really have to get going now. He's still in with the chance while gaining ground on the far outside. 45 and one for the opening half mile. Here's royal latitude with a re bid on the inside of song runner. 8th of a mile ago, royal attitude digging in gamely song runner trying to get by four back to Dominican ice 16th to go, drifting around royal attitude, taking a shot song runner, Dominican ice on late, royal attitude wins. Second song runner third was Dominican ice that it was mighty miracle and WeChat. Unofficially 5 7 three four in the 9th and final at Gulfstream park, the favorite once again does not get the job done kind of a late running non menacing third from Dominican ice, which certainly is not going to make favorite players very happy. Royal attitude looked like he had every chance to give it up to number 7 song runner in the stretch. He was drifting inside now, would not surprise me at all if there is at least a look from the judges because if you can see it on the plane on the pan shot while they're running, then it's usually worse than that, but the rider never stopped riding on the runner up song runner and did end up still finishing seconds. So I'm not really sure if there was something that happened if it was strong enough to cause a change in the order of finish unofficially 5 7 three four the order of finished royal attitude was sunny Leon aboard for David Fox, the unofficial winner of the 9th and final over at Gulfstream park. We'll get you those prices once they go official. We need to get over to aqueduct, though. And aqueduct, they are getting ready for their 8th race on the card. 6 furlongs on the firm outer turf course. It's an optional claiming allowance event for New York bread Phillies and mayors that are non winners of two other than or in for a claiming tag of $45,000, scratch numbers ten and 11, they were both listed main track only, so we've got 9 of them going to post here and it's number four towering orbit who's getting some action right now at the windows. He was or rather she was 6 to one on the morning line, but bet in half down to three to one actually favored for safi Joseph junior and Jose Ortiz. I always find this funny. Everyone knows that saffy Joseph junior is not at aqueduct. He's in Florida. So, you know, his name, he got his name there and he's probably got a few runners at aqueduct. This was a horse that was claimed away from Charlton baker at the end of August up at Saratoga and just basically stayed in New York and why not? She's a New York bread. She should stay in here. We don't even, we don't know if saffy Joseph has ever even seen. Towering orbit, but he is listed as the trainer of towering orbit, and that's when so you get all the stats of first after the claim and this and that, but I always find that a little bit funny. By the way, there is an objection over at Gulfstream park. So I wasn't seeing things down the stretch and the top two finishers have their numbers lit up right now. Royal attitude song runner, the objection sign is up. The only thing that bothers me about the objection sign being up is it's not an inquiry. If Pete I yellow calling the race is saying that the winner is drifting. If anyone watching the race can see that the winner is drifting and possibly bumping the second place finisher. Why is the inquiry sign that up? It doesn't mean they have to take this horse down. But if it's very obvious to the announcer and people watching that something looked a little wonky down the stretch, why do we need the objection? Why does there have to be? And by the way, I don't know if it's a jockey's objection, a trainer's objection or an owner's objection. That's true. Owners are allowed to object. You don't get it very often and for the most part when owners make an objection and that's you can basically count on it never coming down. But why did we have to wait because this goes back to the same thing with The Kentucky Derby when maximum security rant? The whole world watching that race saw that something happened going into the far turn. We don't know what happened, but we saw something happened. Maximum security, you know, as it turned out, shifted out a little bit, and half of the field looked like they were affected. But there was no stewards inquiry in the race. And there ended up being a claim of foul, and then the inquiry sign went up after that. But this is the same thing as that. Whether it's true or not, it makes you think that the stewards are not doing a very good job. Why could they not have put their sole job these three people is to while the race is going on is to watch the race and make sure there are no fouls. That's it. That's all they're watching in this race. Everyone got a fair start. No one causes any interference to anyone else. That's fine. And that's that.

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