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Two thousand nine sean taylor only has one arm so when he was four years old he was in his grandfather's auto shop in a car fell on him his left arm which was his dorm at one dominant one i'm sorry dormant one who was his dominant one had to be amputated because of this incident this accident brent so you know a girl that you know we pointed out that she small but we all have people pointing out look she's fast and she was she was a tough small girl right and so if he did this by himself it seems like an uphill battle for him let's say this almost points out to it's like you know fighting about with one arm tied behind your back literally it is but the thing is though it also points to the possibility of here's my thing it actually i think points a little bit more towards this statement being possibly true meaning that there were several others if not many others that were involved in this on some level and what i mean by that is we have this situation with the sean having one arm but we also have the situation that you pointed out about him being in school during the time that she was held captive let's say if the theory is correct this is you know winds monday tuesday wednesday so but according to the story according to that information even if he did go to school on that monday tuesday and wednesday there is nothing to say that the sean couldn't have left her in the hands of some of his co conspirators agree with all that but only have the one girl that was almost objected and she is basically saying dishonors father was the one that tried to grab her that's great but then we proven that that wasn't a true statement so i think there's a lot of people that are trying to throw people under the bus and then you mention britney's stepfather hiring the private investigators and private team so then they came out with statements later saying that they handed a flyer to disown and he crumbled it up and threw a back at them yeah which was never proven to be true and they also claimed that they followed him back to around the same area where britney's dna was found of course they're gonna follow him back to roughly the area where our dna was found will one we have no report that dna was found but it we're talking about a very small town so to even say he's a block away from it or whatever that doesn't prove anything well i'm glad you pointed that out because the only thing that i could find captain was that we have we have chad drexel he's the one that publicly posted a statement that he knows of dna evidence specifically britney's dna that is in investigators possession and that can be linked to the sean and like there's no proof of this world even existing right but we also have a guy that has qua cooperated with fbi said full on out after this long interview i will i will do anything they want me to do anything that they think can help with to get answers i will do an i'll continue to do that's what he's done he's taken a lie detector that now they haven't came out and fully said hey he took a lie detector and he passed it but when he took the lie detector that was that was a couple years ago so if i don't know it's it just seems this seems kind of like a crazy witch hunt in it all stems from jailhouse confession i don't know that it does in we'll get into my thoughts on that here in a little bit i want to kind of go to bat for for chad drexel here for second the reason i say what he's his statement about the dna should be taken with a grain of salt and this is because obviously he's a grieving father who until she is found he will unfortunately forever be agreeing father grieving his daughter's disappearance and possible death so may could he have heard something from investigators could investigators have suggested to him that there's a possibility that there might be dna somewhere and maybe he kind of latched onto that hope and ran with it a little bit that's certainly a possibility the thing though is regarding the dna if that were true if they were actual evidence of britney's dna that could be linked.

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