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And first i wanna talk about clarence thomas spring court justice i happen to see his seat the other day sas saturday i actually saw his seat where he sits in the chamber of the supreme court of the united states of america anna it's disturbing to hear of this team can choose to believe this you can choose to believe anita hill we're not that if you do believe it should be stepped down angela wright shannon who worked on thomas when he was a chairman of the equal employment opportunity epo see uh in the 80s his thomas repeatedly harassed her she was an uncalled witnessed during thomas contentious senate confirmation hearing when he was nominated for the supreme court 1991 and that those hearings attorney anita hill accused thomas of harassing and inappropriate behaviour was really inappropriate back then no one seemed to care i was 1991 now this in this accusers has i believe till 'cause i experienced similar behaviour from thomas he repeatedly pressured made a date him and inquired about my breast size he allegedly asked her about her breasts size to that bad on a couple levels first is just inappropriate to treat a woman that way but second it's so lame sowell lame if it's true it's a tool ish thing to do really that's what you got you're going to ask about breast size that is well not only inappropriate but just mega lame and i'm looking at him thinking yet i believe the women deal and if you believe him should he step down let let serb you know less not just get rid of them based on hearsay let's go ahead and let's go to court on it as listen to the evidence let's have a jerry do you believe these accusers are not i unfortunately don't know if they're immune from that sort of thing dan ray would know that she says she was not allowed to testify during the hearing for african american women including me were willing to join professor hill and testify about thomas behavior we're all denied a voice thomas confirmation hearing which he famously describes a hightech lynching was a major event that pitted his republican supporters against hill and democrats on the senate judiciary committee and on that committee by the way was one joe biden and one late ted kennedy thomas who has a george hw bush replacement to uh fell at their good marshalls seat if you visit.

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