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Job under way here in the third period devils control the puck Seaver Senate the double line of the right wing try to shoot a passing hit hit Blake colder with that passes Romans hobbling a little bit we stand out there the person with the past to call it into the hot zone died the little from the park at the double line didn't bother to much this is the enter the heart he felt toward the heart no and in a diving motion shot the puck past one it's now six one New Jersey Coleman gets is the level of the season while eighteen seconds into this one Blackhawks this court has scored five goals in the first minute over the past week and get some good results because those **** the devil's fifty one seconds into the second period the goal by Sudan this one only eighteen seconds in the what I know down by five so maybe the hawks need to borrow a page from the way the devils of point drop Carson the women just go for at center ice taste to a loose puck Senate across the Google leaking from the benches will bring it back into the hawks on the model the hawks reset the left wing one bill at center ice former devil driving down the boards with so much force Medicare arms around the far side and back down in the hot zone when bill as the clock again hotline yet in the latter at center ice to stroll into the devil's own love corner spot of balancing puck through the crease where the fire boards miles would be able to pull it free he's here who sent the puck off of one of the devil players who was entering the double beds face off comes back into the New Jersey sell to the left the black Chicago Blackhawks hockey is sponsored by PPG paints the official page show the son of the left hand side of black what what would with the four seasons heating air conditioning plumbing four seasons restoring Blackwood will get to it here in a minute Gustafson keys and opened fire summary point Blackwood down the butterfly say what checks the puck to the near boards soccer's got in apparent surprise would into the hot zone firing for the left wing side in winter down with a butterfly say holds the for black wood mackenzie black what is from Thunder Bay for six years he was the next door neighbor of the hawks Patrick sharp any attended sharks twenty thirteen Cup party at his house so he knows the Patrick sharp very well to do families know each other the fort William report Arthur if you say one or the other and the person you're talking to from the Thunder Bay area is from the other side you gets offended anyway mackenzie black would double goaltender right now with a loud one heart goal on twenty three shots here's Jack use with the puck behind the heart to see recent top of the right circle fires a shot through traffic and why put downs of the board to Kmart blueline they had me lander the devil's own.

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