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A plan for schools across the state amid the corona virus crisis good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott and Katie okay new center we've had a gloomy start to our day but it should give way to sunshine today our forecast is coming up state school superintendent joy Hofmeister is recommending that school buildings not re open for the rest of the school year as we hear from Beth Myers state school superintendent joy Hofmeister is proposing that beginning April six school districts provide distance learning for the rest of the school year how that learning will happen will depend on the capacity and needs of each district according to Hofmeister she says she has faith in the commitment innovation and creativity of Oklahoma educators and administrators the state board of education will vote on her recommendation on Wednesday Hofmeister says we must do absolutely everything in our power to reduce transmission of coronavirus the proposed two trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill in the Senate is faltering but as Kevin Corke tells us the trump administration's lead negotiator is offering some optimism listen it's got to be encouraging when you hear the treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin say yeah I think we're very close to a deal that would be following hours of intense negotiations over on the hill with the Senate minority leader that will be Chuck Schumer of New York that over the fate of the corona virus stimulus package part of the problem being that Democrats have a pretty significant wishlist and we're talking about billions for things that don't have anything to do with corona virus like expanded tax credits for wind and solar power increased leverage for labor unions same day voter registration reduction and airline carbon emissions diversity requirements for companies that receive federal aid with the Senate stimulus bill stalled house Democrats are unveiling an alternative proposal Jared Halpern reports third coronavirus responsible from house speaker Nancy Pelosi would offer direct payments to some taxpayers up to fifteen hundred dollars for individuals.

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