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This is important to find out. I have no doubt that this involves Russia and it was Hillary Clinton and she says has to him before we make this deal. I WANNA make sure how involved with trump as far as the last election. People God's really saving democracy so I WANNA go back to what you said at the beginning of this. which is that? Not only did trump doing wrong in this conversation but it was his responsibility to do what he did. So a lot of Democrats have been saying that the president put his political political interests above US national interests. And what I hear you saying is the president put interest of the United States and American take personal interest. That's what you believe. I'm saying that was his friend who is carrying out a presidential prerogative and presented abrogation. And you really don't think he was primarily driven by. It was in his own political interest. Here I would say he didn't. He didn't talk about corruption. In general in Ukraine the lot corrupt characters in Ukraine rain a lot of corrupt oligarchs. It's pretty endemic. And this was not a request for US or institutional changes to fight corruption. It was about a particular matter that happened to be related to his own. Little Big Manitoba. Well over a million dollars. It did affect the previous administration to the Obama Administration. They knew about it they can do anything about it now. For instance the ambassador. She said when she was being brief her confirmation hearing the State Department was an instructor. Have answer questions about Joe Biden son working for the energy company so they were showing me aware of it so then was the was the president's call perfect subscribed it though. I would say that he should have handled it differently. But I'm just saying it's not impeachable and it's not it's not wrong now and there's always listen anytime you make a farm agent H.. How often you make a foreign policy decision? This primary and secondary effect primaries out the country secondary and maybe close to being primary is to help you so politically. What should he have done differently? I would have said do me a favor. That's his way of talking. But I mean for instance what President Obama me when he leaned over to medved epn said Tell Vladimir after the election. We can have a better deal. Oh we work work things out. I mean that's to me is asking Putin not to be attacking him during the campaign so just to be clear if you had an opportunity to talk to him before he made this call and more advising him. What would you have told him? I would say don't say anything that could be misinterpreted by the media. Oh by your political. which he clearly did he Again I can't give you specific examples. But he says a lot of things with them him that politically incorrect things where he has no reason to trust me or others not to go to the media and get a headline story not anything corrupt. He just says does things that the guy in. Here's drink but he's the guy that they would bosses and yeah but look you know. I think a lot of people when when they read the transcript I mean they saw through it right away that this was to ask about. The Biden's was just something. President Shun Chun and the vice president was all about getting over a million dollars from a corrupt company in a country that we're trying to reform and Joe Biden supposed to be in charge of making sure. The reforms happen. It raises issues. What about the other part of the favor about you know these what he was saying about crowd strike and the missing Dnc Server River and all? Yeah all of which is you know largely debunked conspiracy theories. There's no evidence that there's a missing Democratic National Committee server in Kiev some place or any doubt. I don't think there's any doubt in your mind that it was the Russians who interfered in our election in two thousand sixteen sixteen correct. I mean as far as far as I know emails was Russia. There was some Ukrainian involvement. I'm your political story about how there was some documents. CONCERTED INSERTED GOVERNMENT EFFORT TO AGREE METADATA. Who told him that and again But there's nothing impeachable about that. He's of evidence if it was a somebody in the Ukrainian government. Who's doing that fine? But he wasn't he said. Check it out okay. That was lingering in his mind this well at the same time. He's suspended military military assistance. This country at the time right but but trump had done that he had cut off military sits at just before that phone call. I think a week or so. Oh before you know a lot of people look at that and say yeah if you could tell it was together I mean Brock Obama no the Russian intelligence was giving information to British intelligence to use against president trump and the campaign and at the FBI director is going to use that as a basis to spy for the first time. Ever a presidential campaign. You know you can always tie these things together or when Obama to- Medvedev to tell Vladimir I'm GONNA go Better deals after the election then decides not to supply weapons so Ukraine not Russia back into Syria. You can always make up conspiracy theories I just think president trump could have been more discreet. And how he did it. And but he he is different congressman before the show. You you said you got to lift back on Air Force. One President offer you a ride back plane into DC from New York. What did he say you about this whole impeachment process? What was he thinking about it? And we didn't go into details about the conversation. It was basically that he you did nothing wrong. He's just trying to figure out how the votes would be when what the time schedule would be. It was more of a the assumption of the whole conversation and also Mark Meadows with me. We're on a C.. Went in from the trump tower in the limousine down to the Wall Street heliport took marine one to JFK. And then the ED force one to Washington I'd say only because that's three separate conversations but they all presume that he was innocent and how's it going to work in the House and Senate that I was so we never got into the merits of the case is did he ask you whether you thought That he was lose any Republican votes in the house. He was right then relying on the fact could he not. He kept all Republican votes and use. He seemed fairly optimistic. That he's counting votes. Oh Yeah No. He's here now he's If he follows his stuff very I mean that that's what it was like. A Guy Falls baseball box scores. He knows who's form and WHO's against any given time who maybe against him any time well L. are they're going to be any republican defections. That vote for impeach. You don't know I mean I'm not going to give you. Any names is two or three. That were possible but I think that the we saw. We'll heard walking down the hall a little while ago. Yeah we'll Also again. I want to be hard. I right now. Don't see anyone you one but you know people said maybe possibly two or three only been two or three who before it started showed some concern. Yeah and how about Democrats who might not There were two who voted not to authorize the inquiry. Sorry yeah there's a few more again I don't want to be putting them on the spot but I see fewer possibly again. This is taking such a dimension anyway so I I would think extraordinary pressure on them but I also had a number of Democrats. Come to me not necessarily for good government reasons which we weren't doing this because from districts trump carried or trump has almost be something like a NRA gun vote in that's Republicans are the people who like trump. I Never GonNa Forget if you if you've office impeachment and they just in some of these close to the district's they don't want to have that built in opposition for something that they feel is not that stronger case. We should point out that you are one of the few Republicans who bucks the NRA quite a bit as supporter gun control measures. Yeah I was just trying to think of something when you build again. I have a built in group of pro gun. People who never forgive me I can. I can get a medal for doing something. involving healthcare going facebook took away a second amendment rights in a steal my gun so now I mean it's I think there could be some on the democratic side right who may thirty nine whatever. The number of Democrats was who got elected seats. That trump carried in twenty sixteen. I know that hearing from those those you know those voters now. If a person feel strongly about impeachment I think they were both if they don't think it's such a great idea to go into a now that this was driven by the base and it's going on Logan. They thought they were hoping to get it over Thanksgiving also we should point out. I think you're the only member of Congress who voted against impeachment Bill Clinton case and leaning heavily toward voting against impeachment I WanNa ask you means I'm never wrong. Never Right. Ah Why. Why did you vote against Clinton's impeachment? Again it just didn't rise to the level of impeachment ice set at the time thinking but what a community I mean strip everything else away. The president is undergoing a civil in civil lawsuit being questioned about whether or not he had an affair with someone while he's in office and he's been asked us and if said yes that would have ended his presidency and nothing to do with being president really and I say this is going to come back is going to come back to haunt and a lot of people in could infusing back with what Republicans are doing Clinton at the time can be used against us. I don't see it being the same here but if you get somebody the The president may have had extramarital affairs and if they were under oath how they've answered the question. That's what I thought. It was a bad. So many to me you know these abuses abusers power and that now I don't know if Bill Clinton wouldn't survive today in the metoo movement era but so you were reelected many times after that but after that vote Did you experience the ire of your constituents. I did on the other hand. Bill Clinton had carried my district but it was the the Republicans to this day the day after I announced that I was not running for Congress. Newsday random letters the the first weather they printed was the guy said. This happened twenty years to lady should've left the day. He voted against bill. Clinton took so long memories. People have ah again on both sides all much more likely. Remember a negative..

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