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And products through your supported employment program, which I think is some of the the pieces that the community is most well familiar with most familiar that was a weird science most familiar with. So for folks who aren't familiar till some some of the programs in jobs that your clients are involved with with the imported supporter program, excuse me. Employment program, which is another United way funded program is where we we find individuals jobs in the community. So we bring them in. We do an assessment of of what they enjoy what they excel at. And then we go, and we find them a community based job, then we provide job coaching and supports as needed for that individual, you know, some individual might need a daily job coach at the beginning. Some every other day just it's very specific to that person. We serve probably a hundred and fifty individuals in that program, and we like to tell employers, you know, the the individuals that we placed at your business are going to be some of the best employees that you have. And we see that. And we hear that from from our employers their work every day with a smile and a great program. We just we love promoting independence in our supported employment. Program is one of the biggest ways that we're able to do that. And a large part of that, right? Is your mardi gras bead collection and sales. And I know we were talking about it off mic earlier. We you just can't get enough beads and house to turn around. Right. Well, our our mardi gras beads is is a huge program. It's actually not part of supported employment is part of. Gotcha. Adult day of vocational training individuals. Come in like, I said Monday through Friday Mandeville and saw, but we we bring in recycled beads from the community we clean, those soared 'em, repackage them and sell them back to the community in which you were talking about with social enterprise. I it's wonderful. We often measure our bottom line differently than a for profit company. Would we measure our bottom line by how many jobs were creating for individuals with disabilities and how much independence brave to to provide in their life? But there's we run out of beads every year we sell out every year. So we could really we could do it year round in..

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