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A new allegation against congressman john conyers from a woman who says she worked for him she says he slid his hand up her skirt while she was sitting next to him in church mic russia reports we may hear from congressman conyers today longtime us representative john conyers of michigan who has come under fire amid sexual harassment allegations plans to announce today whether he'll stay in office or resign that's according to attorney arnold reid who says conyers is expected to speak on a detroit radio talk show this morning several members of the house have called for the eighty eight year old conyers to step down following allegations of harassment and inappropriate touching by several women who once worked for him the house ethics committee has launched an investigation i mike rossi of hillary clinton is returning to new hampshire for the first time since just before the presidential election he'll be signing copies of her new book in concord the book is called what happened i'm rita foley ap radio news fiji to save with the naked key gordon the moral godly pinella to live nice to be so meeting be they see keep it one like been why when they see a puppy flipping bring it back when no threes to stem opened the safety key could hate is that they don't know my amabullah referee bonnet dance to breathe that did it go well when these is canada the team of break it down with bonnaud said they might seize.

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