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Wrapping up patrick ramsey around a field goal post and training camp for dickinson college i with the redskins my second year because john jansen was kind of the guy that would do things like that ramsey it held out and was a first round quarterback late first round but a first round quarterback nonetheless and so jansen told me to help woman so i dead because i was the right guard chance was the right tackle we were kind of buddies so that was interesting to actually taper human being two but to a field goal posts like that outta tape of all the tape to restricted guy i can tell you that much that's one thing i've learned man there's a million other funny stories that i could tell overtime in i probably well that's one that for whatever reason terms of a prank i guess kind of keenum i don't i don't philip is as many pranks maybe as people think that there are maybe i just can't remember i don't know anyway pretty sure at the question hopefully there's more aware that came from over the next couple days ross ross tucker dot com here on the ross tucker football podcast though do it for us on a monster monday will have a andrew on wednesday with all the business of about to start free agents the tampering period and thursday will move on the next position with professor greg coast sell other than that you guys know the deal with it turns rankings comments the torch about spread the word spot to cover may stay males of it we're.

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