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Without really being honest about ourselves and yeah I I I I'm hoping that. More of us. Who aren't adoptees? Open ourselves up to that conversation without trying to. Occupy that conversation. So. Grace let's throw to you for a final. let's see well. I was thinking actually of conversations back related to the because staufer case. I've seen a lot of comments in a group on facebook that is particularly dedicated to like bringing justice for Huxley and so many of the. Conversations I think. About that case we'll. One MEKA staffer has gotten a lot of criticisms, critiques from other adoptive mother bloggers who profited off of their blogs, which unlike. This is like maybe you're not to the same level, but you're doing at least some of the same things, so this is kind of w. t f to me, and then another thing is when there are a lot of adoptees in this group that wants justice for Huxley and I think you know that story does touch on so many different groups in terms of the adopt adoption community, the disability community like ought Pete parents of children with autism adults who have? Maybe been abused. And there's, but there's a lot of resistance to the adoptees. The adult adoptees in that group and there's a lot of just like the sentiment is like this is purely about Meka stouffer, and Huxley and when adoptees raise concerns or bring up. The conversation that. Parts of the story are quite common in adoption stories There's a lot of resistance to that and I think that it's very representative of also just a general sentiment, but the general public really likes to support young cute orphans, and bring them over here as adoptees and and support in love and nurture these children, but when adoptees grew up in have complicated feelings, what adopt Sharon and have these. Questions of identity and lost and bring up some of these trafficking issues that we've been discussing. There's a lot a lot of resistance. To adoptees who? Are Not just purely quote unquote grateful for their new life in this country. Bright in talking about that case, they don't WanNa. They don't WanNa hold the mirror. Can only hold a certain angle and not to directly right, because then it opens up sort of the the things that might affect their own their own situations and. In cost too many questions and Well I. Mean you know a lot of heavy on this to service? If I could have talked for a long time about this? Everything connects back to this. Yeah, yeah, you know. Obviously you guys are only. You only representative to two people at yourselves and you know there's a whole. Large landscape of adoptees and their own stories so. I feel like this really only scratched the surface of what we talked about. I agree I mean you know now that we kind of had this layer down? You know we should. We should find ways to have this conversation on a more nuanced and maybe. Find grain basis right. So we'll look to more opportunities to do that, but for now we're just like super grateful that you know you guys have have joined us and shared. Your personal experiences in your wisdom around this stuff with US thank you..

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