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Hi Sober sellers. . It's Lynn. . Oh, , my goodness one more week when this comes out, , I will be moving in one more week. . So yeah, , I'm really excited had some hiccups along the way I don't know if you all remember living in an apartment buildings. . That's where I'm moving from and moving to I'm not buying a house quite yet in my little village in evidently <hes> something happened to me every time I move and this time it was kind of a big one I was moving into this brand new building with four stories although I'm GonNa live on the second floor, , right above the shops with. . Florida ceiling windows kind of like a loft and wouldn't you know that Kovin interruptus happened? ? Yeah. . So the elevator people can't put the elevator in and this is quite a complex project from what I understand even in twenty twenty, , they are I don't know six months behind as what I'm told, , and now I have to move into a temporary residence which I'm now wrapping my brain around but it's one bedroom instead of two bedrooms. . So I have to downsize a little bit more than I thought I was going to and I might be in the. . Apartment for about three months. . So there you go Bobbin we've in our way through two thousand, , twenty I'm still so very excited. . So after some contemplation and some you know. . Anger and disappointment whereas my feeling wheel and some other things I got through it and decided to make the best of it and that's what I'm doing. Now, . , of course, , there's lots of stuff in between all there. So . you know I have to pull out my tools from my buffer zone just like you do. . which brings me to today's topic in the spirit of all of us who have moved before. . Yeah. . I'm expending a lot of energy right now and I'm excited and I'm busy and I'm forgetting stuff. . So I'm trying to keep the next few weeks of podcast episodes brief or if I don't <hes> win that battle with myself, , which is very difficult to keep things brief I'm going to choose things that tickle me and that I wanNA. . Share you and I came across one of those just this week by a writer who writes a lot for the Atlantic she was on staff there and I haven't really followed her I'm not a writer follower type but I know I've read a bunch of her stuff. . Her name is Seagal Samuel and the article I'm going to read you she wrote for Vox and you gotTA. . Love the title how to make this winter not totally suck. . According to psychologists. . Many of us are throwing her arms up in the air and still going what the heck is going on here. . <hes> in the United. . States. . Election will be shortly upon us and were quite uncertain about what that's going to bring. . Nobody really knows t leave readers all over the place but crazy stuff keeps happening day by day. . So we'll just see ultimately the goal for those of you listening as you well know for me is to share with you how are we going to cope with all this? ? Tabei Day week by week sometimes minute by minute and second by second. . So. . That's why I love this article. . And I thought today. . y'All might forgive me if I kinda just read it to you. . You know I can't help myself from jumping in and give him my own little take on things which <hes>. . Typically you'll hear me change my tone of voice or Interject Lynn here my plan is that you'll actually be able to decipher that. . And enjoy the little nuggets of wisdom that is Samuel has shared with us. . Again the article is shared on Vox V. O. X. DOT COM. . and. . The author is Seagal I hopeful that I'm pronouncing that right but you know there's a fifty fifty chance of everything last name Samuel and it was published on October fourteenth twenty twenty. . She begins I'm GonNa go out on a limb and say, , you're probably dreading this winter. . We know it's going to be harder to socialize outdoors as the weather gets colder. . We also know there's probably going to be a surge. . Yeah. . In New Cova. . Nineteen infections many of us are feeling anxious about how we're going to make it through. . The lonely bleak months ahead I see a lot of people trying to cope with this anxiety by drumming up one off solutions y'all are going to love this. . By a fire pit better yet by a whole house or like I'm doing move. . Those may be perfectly fine ideas as far as they go but I'd like to suggest a more effective way to think about reducing your suffering an increasing your happiness. . This winter studies show that anything we can do to direct our attention off of ourselves and onto other people or other things is usually productive and makes us happier. . Said Sonya Lia- by Mirsky, , a psychology professor at the University of California, Riverside , and author of the how of happiness a scientific approach to getting the life you want. . She goes on to say a lot of life's problems are caused by too much self-focused and self absorption, , and we often focus too much on the negatives about

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