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Firearm shop or what They like to call a firearm concierge. Go on in and introduce yourself and they will find or create what you were looking for. At Razorback Armory on Manchester Road, 1/2 mile east of 2 70 online at Razorback Armory, Dotcom tell him both century Great stuff. And as I mentioned, Joining us now on the line is Jason Nelson, the frontman of somebody to love the Great Queen tribute show. I am so looking for To the show. I'm so glad to be talking about live local music coming back to the ST Louis area. It's one of the industry's has been hit so hard by this pandemic. Jason only got a couple of minutes here. So thanks for your time, as always, until folks how they can come out and experience some great live local music this week. First off. Thanks for having me Tony and both. Yeah, this coming week. Thursday, July 16 looking at the forecast, and it's a great evening for live music outdoors. That Oh Dae Park Amphitheater. Now this place it's like two years old but brand new Park. I think it's the newest one in Charles County. But I may be wrong on that beautiful say it is a lot of lot of space to spread out. Um Oh, Dae Park Embassy here off of Double D, or, as some folks may know it Wing Haven boulevard Somebody to love is going to hit the stage at 6:30 p.m. Play till nine PM, so family friendly free to the public. They have food vendors, if you want. I want to get a little booty that's available to I was waiting for you to say the word free on top of it all. A great night to get outside. Bring the family. Enjoy some great live music, and it's all free and Jason, where's the best place to follow a band and get more information online? You find us on our social media platforms? They're all somebody to love a tribute to Queen. Great stuff. I will be there this coming Thursday. A toad a park and O'Fallon. I hope to see everyone out there as well. You get all the details on my Twitter at Tony Columbo, 971 I have the show information pinned to the top of my Twitter profile. If you're looking for details as well. Jason. Thanks for your time, my friend and we will see a Thursday night and O'Fallon. Somebody loved the Queen tribute. Can't.

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