Venezuela, Caracas, President Trump discussed on Global News Podcast - Grand Jury Assembled in Trump-Russia Investigation


That was dave ni the opposition in venezuela has postponed until friday and planned protest against the country's controversial new constituent assembly in a bid to make sure that the rally takes place during the inaugural meeting of the new party both the assembly's first session and the demonstration were originally planned for thursday a correspondent katie watson reports from caracas it feels like a game of pingpong between the two sides the opposition times demonstration to coincide with the government's plans the government delays them and so the opposition puts its plans back again to those who oppose the president a deflated but not defeated meanwhile despite the criticism heaped on him president maduro is defiant a former adviser to both hugo chavez a nicholas maduro timmy upon us has warned that dialogue is needed between the government and opposition to prevent political violence from becoming a norm in the country but he admits that his appeal could fall on deaf ears because neither side trust each other in this context rational arguments are inaudible because nobody as i would say a complete credibility the logic of polarisation may go this is a matter of faith i mean you believe you're all people you believe your own group you believe you're all leaders while divisions remain here in caracas condemnation of the new simply vote both inside venezuela and abroad is growing one of misdemeanor his biggest critics the country's attorney general louise ortega has opened an investigation into what she called scandalous electoral fraud.

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