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This is what i do. And i strongly believe into it because a long of my own journey i had to go to school and understand the steps that are required in order for me to properly embrace my journey so i can help you as well embers yours. Thank you for sharing that. I know you mentioned earlier that you went on a retreat and we were talking earlier about Tatta that favored retreat. Yes it was. I recall december two thousand fifteen beginning the year of two thousand sixteen. That's when i decided. Okay i wanted to myself on a retreat and i decided toronto was going to be the place and that's where i had but it was me alone working myself me facing my journey me talking to myself because from many many years i've never liked addressing myself talking in front of the mirror and talking to myself and saying god this you are strong your powerful. You're having you and i needed to do that. I needed to do recordings for myself. And i took my tablet. And all i was doing is morning during recording. You know so. I'll being an empowering myself embracing you know the person that i was becoming because you we are always the same person that we are within. How ever we tailored who we are so we could fit ourselves better and people around us can approach us in love us more. Well thank you. I wanna ask you somebody who's listening right now. They're not a life coach. They don't have a coach. Can you share with us to way. Start by relocating our mindset. I love that. While absolutely the first thing i would say you need to identify who you are because when the minute you understand that you are on a journey. It's a shift that you are willing to embrace from many people. It's hard to understand a journey because we always we are joining. We are on a journey and and people always expect that journeys are gonna at some point. No the journey has always been because the minute you were born and you start. Living life became a journey. But what happened. Is that as you mature into life as you understand yourself you know now you have to school you have to go to work you have to fulfil. Thanks for your south then. Things changed so the first thing i would say. Is you know be willing to embrace the person that you are choosing to be calm because we choose to become the person we want to be. Yup yes we are human being. We are female. We are male whenever we are but at the end we choose to be the person we want to be seen in this world. The person who wants impact the world so start by deciding whether you want to be. Do you want to be authentic. do you want to be your true self. Do you want people to see you as someone always seeking validation. So that's when you make the decision. The other thing i would say in terms of relocation is that you have to be okay with whatever does not work you know at some point when you relocate you may find that you separate yourself from others around you or are you. May that others separate themselves from you. Just tell yourself that it's okay because it is the beginning the beginning of whom you are becoming just so you could prepare yourself. You could embrace the positive around you and then face forward. You know the minute you do that. Guess what you are shifting how you used to think because you no longer thinking that you have to everything to please ran thinking that you have to do things for people to say. Yes you good you simply doing things because dip inside of you. There's a gut feeling that's right. they're telling you. Hey you desire to do. You can do and be inspired about it. So those are the things i would say to start on your relocation because relocating always say is just like you get a u..

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