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You got to be caller number ten, and as of told you all along it's like musical chairs is dial away. And you'll be all set. We're continuing our conversation tonight in which we're trying desperately to find a way in which we as a nation can come together and talk with one another and not at each other. And the next caller is across my good friend from Ontario. Richard. And here we have someone from Canada. And we have Alana lined up behind you Richard to tell us how we as Americans can start to talk with one another and stopped talking at each other. Go ahead, Richard. I have let me say in your industry. You're you're you're a man of intelligence and fairness, and you have no parallel getting to these sad incidences that have happened with the bombs if it turns out that the the idiot is a card carrying Republican or card-carrying democrat if the other side tries to make political hay out of it that will just be revolting and nothing short of disgusting. I would agree with you. Because whoever it is. I think they're nuts. And I also think they're dangerous. Extremely extremely and they've got to be taken out the street for the rest of their natural life. Now getting to the healing part. It's a very ironic situation, you know, President Trump with the latest math to deal he won the Americans should be very proud of that. Is that is that the perception in candidate Richard that Steph? I asked that question. Honestly. Okay. Yeah. I, of course, I know you do most definitely. And I mean one that hands down and good for him. I mean and good for the American people. Nato? He said look. Stand up pay your dues or. We're going to ask for change. And what's the first thing Trudeau did when he got back to parliament? He's spending billions on on different forms of. Nato on their contribution to the NATO defense budget was about. About two tenths of a percentage point below the norm. And he justified it beforehand by saying that, you know, all he talked about the past. Well, how Trump pointed out we're talking about today. In addition to that, we've defended Europe since the end of World War Two. A lot of those countries over in Europe have had very more ambitious social programs safety net programs because they didn't have to spend as much money on defense. Exactly. And then item number three just hit on three items here. With the little guy in North Korea. He he hasn't launched anything. So I mean. Give the guy credit, however point is if you were to take a poll of the g seven leaders. Okay. They have the utmost respect for the office of the president. But the current occupier. They don't respect, and that's because of the vitriol and the rhetoric that comes out of his mouth, and he doesn't have to do that. If he did what you just said a few minutes ago. Went in front of the people in the United States and said, hey, I'm gonna change. He would win in a landslide. Come. Your next election. We'll chat in two thousand twenty. Yup. Well on policy, I can defend just about every one of his policies, including his desire for free trade, which is where I think he would like to get everybody. I'm not sure if he's going to get there. But that's an issue that's important to every country. I think on policy across the board. You can look at the results. There'll be a a third quarter are actually I guess it'd be first quarter third quarter of this year. But first quarter the fiscal year GDP number, and I think that number will be in the high threes or of the low fours, and that's all good. It's all good for the country so cuts the tax cuts. Turns it to a brain stroke now. So if if if he doesn't change, and I hope he does if he doesn't change then you've got to look to who were the viable solutions. Sorry, it's not Mrs Clinton. Sorry. It's not MRs worn in my opinion. And I'm an outsider. So I'm racking my head here. There is a gentleman who's a Republican in Arizona governor Ducey he is he is a flagbearer for the Republicans for the future and the only one I can think of on the democratic side. Sorry, it's not Mr. Biden. But Bloomberg Bloomberg's all over the lot. And I don't think that Bloomberg. He was a Republican. He was a democrat independent. They don't have anybody. Like, it's easy to quote with somebody on the Republican side. Like, I say this guy is listening to him speak when he was did a tour of Canada. Bring it orator and very smart, man. Anyways. Democrats will find another Barack Obama. I remember interviewing then Senator Obama in December of two thousand and six think it was December two thousand. Yes, it was. And I filed a report he was unknown in in New Hampshire, and I remember standing next to a couple of women who hardcore Democrats who were around Hillary's age who loved Barack Obama. And that to me was the canary in the coal mine, and I said at the time. This is Clinton better watch out. This Senator relatively unknown Senator from Illinois. I put this on TV. So I have it. I I could show like a plane for people that if I had the ability to to extract it from TV and put it on radio. I said watch out he's going to be a fermentable opponent. And of course, he was he beat Mrs Clinton and won the presidency. Richard a month of my break. Thank you for your comments, and we will talk soon. Okay. I hope so. Alana from Niagara Falls will be next and then we're going to get two more callers. But first we have to take a couple of messages, and I'll get the winner from Brittany will announce the winner publicly right after the break..

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