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I think it games in Casey yeah I mean at least it'd be at a point I think eras well you can still have mahomes part of the broadcast maybe if Mahomes is there and you get an interview with him like you could still intersperse mahomes in there I guess but you're Green Bay you're probably going who I don't think that's that big spread though an in Kansas City like I don't know that that's guaranteed blowout well not a blowout but if I'm if I'm the packers packer fan I feel a whole lot better homes isn't in there I mean what would the line be Green Bay favored by a three yeah like show about a touchdown yeah I think that's about right three or four yeah I'd be curious what he would wear in Kansas City before five right I'd probably be in Casey Yeah probably be what depends on you know because Kan city hasn't been playing in Green Bay has so it might be can't city by two or three I mean you might get that just because a home field advantage but we'll wait and see the MRI the results Later today YANIC LEMON I have another option who's the one player in all of sports that you most want to pay money to see or you leash WanNa see injured is mahomed guy or is it like an NBA player. Because I was trying to think of options I keep up with the homes in Zion and then I wasn't even sure who else to put on there like he's like my trout is not exciting like that Steph curry still in the mix there Lebron Yeah Lebron you have to have Lebron in there because the NBA is more individually driven therefore you can't afford to lose and it's only five guys out there on the floor so it's different as a quarterback yeah mahomes is I mean Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady if you lose them but the tune in fact I don't know if it feels like the curiosity with fans will tune in to mahomes no matter what even if you're he's facing team you're still curious about how he's going to perform even if you don't have any skin in the game you're still going to watch Patrick Mahomes I don't know it felt like that way for a while with Rogers I don't know people tune in just to watch Tom Brady now Patriot fans obviously but I don't know if you get the fan on the periphery goes gotta see what Brady's during the day it feels like mahomes is a Aaron Rodgers two point Oh yeah Paul one thing about the mahomes injury you know about the ankle affecting the wasn't his left ankle that was him all season and his right knee that he hurt last night those wouldn't affect each other you don't think so I'm pretty sure it was his left ankle but I I don't even know you know when people are trying to connect it was just a freak injury and so if you would have said he was running and favouring his ankle and he twisted his knee than I would say okay but this was just a quarterback sneak the poll question Sal Paolantonio will join us on loan from Espn Eagles cowboys just how important is this game and also and unknown named Eagles player taking a shot at Carson wentz talked to Sao Paulo coming up twenty one after the hour just getting started here Dan on the Dan that's Dan Patrick Show listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all our great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast we certainly couldn't do without either of you and I wanted to remind you but you can support our sponsors by going to our show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and you will see all our wonderful sponsors that help make this possible thank you for downloading subscribing at of course supporting and now back to the show Geico Presents Monster Counseling Dracula tell me how you're feeling no one understands how only these no one will even let me into their house I knock knock but they ignore me what else I look in the mirror and I don't even see myself anymore if you don't see yourself clearly can you really expect others to I'm having a breakthrough easy to be a vampire not with gyco it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance.

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