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What's up my friends. Welcome back here. Let's talk about something different than Amazon today. Four second we are GonNa talk here today about Walmart. There's something brand new Walmart we all know can sell Walmart Dot COM jet DOT COM basically. This is not a retail. This is just like we do have we do can do it on Amazon. Sorry Walmart now. There's something new. Walmart is trying very hard to get some of their market share from Amazon. And to be honest it looks like they're going in the right direction. They're doing a lot of things right of workers a lot of things that are done wrong. Because they're still learning right just like Amazon. A couple years ago was still in the early stages and they still are today so anyway. Walmart as my last last time I was in Walmart. Maybe February of Twenty twenty. I got an alert that I could join W. F. S. S. is Walmart fulfillment services. So now this is exciting news. If you have Amazon seller account probably know by now you can log in and soon as you log in on the top bar. You're GONNA see a van like a picture of Van where it says. Wafs in the button. That says you can apply here and right now you have. To apply. To get it now Walmart's fulfillment services or maybe E W in the future may be called fulfill by Walmart. Fbi WHAT IS EXACTLY LIKE FDA? Now the only difference. I mean it's not the only difference. But one of the differences is Walmart has been doing fulfillment for or transportation for longer than Amazon. So they have their own Fulfillment services they actually have the world's largest supply chain for structure like the world's largest is not the the biggest in the USA but it's the world's largest so when it comes to supply chain you know. They already know what they're doing. So this may be something pretty cool. The benefits of joining fast are pretty much the same as the FDA. You're going to have a really quick delivered to your customer. You'RE GONNA have a cost effective solution Omni channel success. Which is they're telling you that they will fulfill for more than one channel so they can fulfill Sherifi console probably fulfill Saudi Amazon drop shipping customers. They'll have personal support and full transparency transparency. So you can track your story or shipping in. Everything was really easy to read sports. Now that brings up to appointed till today. I never thought that Amazon Dashboard was easy to read or sorry. It is pretty Look at the one page that gives you an Olympic and you kind of start. What's there now? It is easier to read much. Torri is my point. So there Steve. I always hope they'd do better when it comes to You have like your your overby. Overview performance in growth opportunities that sit in the order management is kinda limited until now. I had which was another thing. Almost automatically films was just done by company am third party. Preferred Company by wal-mart was delivered. Sr delivering deliver with few in other greatest. There's some causes. Bevan getting some copy paste messages from support? Our reminds me a bit of Amazon Anyway. But they're not bad. They're definitely not bad. They're they're the best thing that existed until now in Santa Lau how Walmart is going to be. I'm very confident will be decent anyway. If you are Walmart seller check that out. Apply right now. I applied like you said this has probably probably been two weeks. I applied at the time this recording and have not heard back yet so I'm not sure if the program didn't start yet in you just put you in the in the list find out how much interest is out there but if you have an account with your name there so they know that we are interested so they do up procedure this is. I mean another platform there that will fulfill for you and up until now have not seen anything when it comes to the FBI. Wbz's have not seen any sees one cool thing that they say bet In Two thousand twenty the will be responsible to ship their inventory. Walmart. Fcc's and in Twenty Twenty. One Walmart will begin to offer inbound logistics services. So they will go to your own warehouse to your house and they will pick up your orders and this was started in twenty one now. They will course ship in branded boxes just like Amazon. Those they're gonNA have their own boxes with Walmart Logos. So is you want your Omni channel fulfillment done by Walmart. It has to be in a walmart box and right now they're preferred products are any brands or skews. That are not available in Walmart right now. So if you have a brand that has shown wilmer or if you have a skewed is unavailable on Walmart. You are their preferred customer. Their preferred seller as right now because of that and now. Since we're talking about Walmart let's go into something else that I am not very good at Walmart. Sponsored ads so sponsored ads on. Walmer are a little bit different than the sponsored ads on Amazon or anywhere else into say a little bit different maybe statement so it is a lot different now. I have end. This does the Walmart part of things for me and we were looking the other day for training for Walmart sellers and I actually couldn't find training for Walmart Sellers because I wanted her horse on Walmart. Pvc or Walmart's Sponsored ads in there was no such thing so so maybe that's something I do go my own course for the first time on the chorus of how to do how to sell it longer in the of the studio Takes pictures next course in May get limber Guinean? Take pictures next to the lamberty and I'll start telling my course on how to sell on Walmart Dot Com so so if anybody is interested contact me here non just kidding there's no course there's no walmart course decided Walmart podcast soon. If you're interested let me know actually if you are interested because I don't know if there's any walmart selling on Walmart podcasts. Maybe we start one if you're interested contact me but q a centerline dot com. Put Your name on the contact form. Let me know you are interested in listening to a Walmart Podcast or even becoming a guest on the wall seven hundred Walmart podcast in a start then if you are or yeah that's let's remember star. Grateful stay positive. Always profit and contact me all right bye-bye..

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