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Them to his own clients for spare cash by the summer of nineteen. Sixty-nine bobby was a full time drug dealer in mid july. He bought one thousand dollars. Worth of mescaline from gerry. Then sold them to his usual clientele but this time there was a problem. A few of his customers came back to bobby complaining. The tabs were bunk. They wanted their money back. Bobby was furious. He and a few friends bed down to gary's home into panga canyon to get their one thousand dollars at first. The conversation was cordial. But when gary insisted he didn't have the money bobby snapped. He knew gary had to be lying. He'd just given him the cash. Few days ago things escalated. Suddenly gary was tied to a chair. Then charlie showed up convinced gary had upwards of twenty thousand dollars in the house he started ranting about the money pushing bobby to hit gary to threaten him to get what was owed him. His voice rang in. Bobby's ears mesmerizing him before. 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What ultimately led bobby to kill hinman july twenty seventh nineteen. Sixty-nine manson always knew exactly what to say to get others to do his bidding. In the wake of gary henman's murder manson grew worried that somehow the dots would be connected back to him and his followers in order to avoid that he tried to throw the police off is sent. He gathered his lsd riddled acolytes and told them that a race war was coming that the beatles had spoken to him about it through their song. Helter skelter it was time for the black community to rise up and overtake the white man and he charles manson was the one charged with lighting. The fuse manson hoped that by committing murders similar to the gary hinman murder and by leaving clues pointing to the black panthers he could fool investigators into chasing a false lead. Sadly we've all heard the story of what happened next. By mid august nineteen sixty nine manson and his followers had claimed the lives of eight people. Sharon tate abigail soldier steven parent j. c. Bring vojtech. Frank hausky leno and rosemary labianca and donald shorty shea. All this death was nothing more than a lame attempt to stay out of prison and sadly it would prove a waste. By late october the entire manson family had been rounded up flushed. Out of their hiding hole in death valley. Bobby was charged with the murder of gary hinman and was left to rot in a jail cell. While police collected evidence to build their case he heard that his friend susan atkins had been arrested too. But he wasn't sure what she'd been charged with on the morning of his twenty second. Birthday bobby's case took a turn. Susan had confessed to the murder of sharon tate. She said we wanted to do a crime. That would shock the world that the world would have to stand up and take notice soon. She'd give up all her compatriots and tell the world about the families heinous crimes in vivid detail lying on his cot thinking about what is life.

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