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Northern colorado voice mornings with gail the collision specialists studios. So how did the all star game actually impact denver's economy. Well there were so many projections. I mean pretty much across the board for how much the all star game all star week festivities and events associated with all star week in denver. How much that was expected to bring. In to denver's coffers dares johnson out of nine news took it upon himself to talk to some experts now that the game is in the books but one thing we do know for sure the mlb are star game certainly was a big boost for businesses in downtown denver bringing large crowds downtown. Lots fans two cores field. While now that the game once again is In the record books. Many economists and those Making or at least part of making the game possible are still waiting to learn how much money was actually generated. You had denver. Sports commission executive director. Matthew pain saying i think the impact is going to be real. We had close to forty nine thousand people at all of the all star events over the last few days had little over one hundred thousand. People walked through the convention center at play ball park that fans experienced. Now they're not really expecting to know the bottom line numbers full impact that the all star game had from an economic perspective. For at least a couple of weeks. Matthew pain went on to say projections are always tough. When it comes to economic impact now he did go on to say that their most recent reference point is really atlanta projections of around that one hundred million dollar mark and of course denver hosting the all star game was a last minute. Decision after major league baseball made the decision to move it from atlanta in april and kudos to everyone involved in that effort in playing a so many moving parts together in such a short period of time to make all the activities and events surrounding the all star game such a success now projections for.

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