Federal Trade Commission, Rape, Senator Al Franken discussed on 24 Hour News


The federal trade commission could take action against trip adviser after the travel company was accused of deleting hotel reviews that contained allegations of rape and other crimes a lawmaker asked for an enquiry to more women are accusing minnesota senator al franken of touching them inappropriately during his first senate campaign a decade ago senate leaders are calling for an ethics investigation fans are still reacting to the death of david cassidy the 70s heartthrob died in florida at the age of sixty seven no funeral arrangements have been announced i'm jackie bring and the turkey but let's hold off on the political talk ap correspondent make hanbin reports on a new survey that shows more than a third of americans say the dread the prospect of discussing politics over the anc's giving a new associated press norc center for public affairs research poll shows just two in ten people say they are eager to talk politics foreign ten don't feel strongly either way democrats are slightly more likely than republicans to say there are uneasy about political discussions at the table women are more likely than men to say they dread the thought of political talk name and those who think there is at least some possibility of politics coming up are somewhat more likely to feel optimistic about it then americans as a whole mike kemp in washington the rate on 30year fixedrate mortgages lift this week to three point nine two percent from three point nine five percent last week but the 15year fixed rate mortgage which is popular among homeowners who are looking to refinance inched up to three point three two percent from three point three one percent a year ago the 30year rates stood at four point o3 and the 15year at three point two five mortgage rates often follow the yield on 10year treasury notes which dipped this week who's being accused of violating the americans with disabilities act advocacy groups of.

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