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As a got in the library when the baby was born i don't understand said meg why don't you all believe me that this is part of the darkness well it's okay said abigail we've all been wrong before there's no shame in making a mistake and besides you're just born but i am not wrong can you not all sense it now i suppose you can't beg you looked at the baby and finn abigail in volley all grew a little nervous about how meg was acting um meg said finn could you please go check on allies and foggy see how they're coming along with altron ix they could probably use your help without saying anything mega stood and exited okay said volley what is up with your robot abigail she's freaking me out nothing is up with her said abigail she's just getting used to things but finn could tell from ever gales tone of voice that she didn't even quite believe what she was saying it was like she was trying to convince herself as she said those words look meg is awesome said fan you saw her routine and she is clearly to into something that the rest of us are not but i am a little worried about how concerned she is over the baby yeah right said volley please tell me she's not going to try to hurt mr sparkles mr sparkles said finn and please tell me you didn't name the baby mr sparkles it just sort of came to me said voller it was like he asked forward isn't that right mr sparkles being europe the baby spit up on abigail couch ha you missed me that time said volley.

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