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Say i would have to say probably be more likely to win this one as well but we'll get into all predictions fool and later joe so blessed move onto the bottom half of jaw which an stephanos sits pansies thirds aids as the top seed in in this corta. We've also got andre replied so that kind of to stand up names for this bet. I suppose british fans will be pleased in a cab. Laurie is in the section in dawson. Actually have you know one of the big three as a potential said round opponent. Once knowing nori that he'll probably well will will he get. He's being consistently getting into the third round of every slam this year. So i hate doesn't a fool. The law said always go go to at least get third round and pows have cracker set as its policy would be his third round opponent. I mean can you see that Can see that happening. Kasit specis what murray in the first round can you see. Any child is fascinating because yeah there's in. This is paul we've got to brits. Noisy against and alcatraz is doing quite well in winston salem at the moment i want. I'm wondering suv. Sneakily hoping maybe he gets a bit tired from his exertions in winston salem for fill could be a definitely a tough lightning round full for norrie. Yes certainly the one of if not the standout toy of the first round that match andy. Murray steffano sits pass. I mean came. Mogo lie saw that match and there was putting me the goal. Really really excited about it. I think that was once first reaction and then it was immediately followed by with not probably going to see on maury lot In the us. Open i you know he's been playing. He's been paying good in patches and it's been frustrating to see i think you know. For example he played taffer An her cash in his last few matches had set points by for those thammasat. Some wasn't able to convert and then solve just sort of lost in a straightforward sets fashion. And a good result if the me marie. If i'm being honest with maybe take sat or even takes this past two to five. But it's certainly going to be a fascinating watch because you know sisu one of the players of the of the next gen. He's out there some you know he's smelly smelling blood and he will be wanting to knock off these young these great. He's gonna be hungry for having these players in his matchbooks for the season and it's gonna be fascinating contest. I think and who knows where it's going to go but you certainly feel like that's going be that's going to be a night match. Yeah i mean this told them. Apart from jackovitch is very much nexgen. Lead isn't it. I mean you got maurice knocking around but like this batches just epitomizing kind of the changing of the guard. I suppose roger and on hair yes chocolate. Just kind of the anomaly between them at the moment. but it's very much the future isn't it what the next few years will look i think. Apart from chile ch- murray and djokovic the only players in this draw who have grand slam titles to their name. And i think that might motivate suspense. In terms of this would be a very very big scout for him and this will give him. I think confidence in the belief if he can beat murray and maybe do it convincingly from his point of view that will give him a lot of confidence not might push him really really far in the tournament and give him that beliefs that potentially will get make him feel that he can go on to win the to win the whole thing. Yeah i mean sits bus gonna win the whole of the sap. We'll see about that one show. Yeah i don't know if he can comfortably. Come through on murray. I think that will help him. I mean we should be worried about group love in this cooler. You know we were saying. I lost count chop that love doesn't seem to have the you know the the extra edge against the the others in his category. And i have to say. I think level that comes out. Perhaps even more every best-of-five-sets we've got felix. Can he do a otherwise. I have to say i think for me. Sits passes the standout contender for this quarter. You nick nick. I mean he is he. I didn't even notice. He's got his view. Cares just so of invisible to you. The draw i imagine. I mean he's got roberto bautisa get in the first round and that is going to be a again as probably another match big match match up For the first round for the fans attending and again it'll be fascinating to see. He comes out that one for me. That sounds like it could have five sets written labor You carry us. Pulled out of that match against murray a winston salem understand it was precautionary so i don't think there should be any injury. Doubts with regards to to carry us in an fee. Not because if he's gonna wanna come through someone like betty sergei such a. You're such a competitor. Battler on the core. You've you feel that he's going to need to be in top physical condition. Yeah it sounds like he's not quite there physically But never say never with caritas. And i just i don't think arbi be is is a very physical one consistent player himself so i just don't think nick's going to get the biochem ashley You also as well could be could be the surprise one. Perhaps to make the quarter-final from this section if he can get through upset rube perhaps We've beaten we know on his day. He can beat top top players of c- he beats pass. I think wimbledon didn't hear in that first round but hyme crowd. It feels very. I feel like this. I mean asia. See as well as it's like it one one minute i'm like yes sees the next best thing and then three minutes later. I'm light to convince him. And i think we were waiting for him to have a a moment. Maybe you know for example. Chiappa valve had a breakout moment of wimbledon earlier on This season a maybe a felix seem..

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