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Approved by the mortgage experts of team Hochberg just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago Jenny cell from the I. dot traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the forecast for the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist him McGill lecture flood advice effect until nine o'clock this morning for cook county in lake shore flood warning until four o'clock this afternoon for most of northern Indiana and close late Porter laporte county sunny breezy and cold today record cold high temperatures only getting after on nineteen or twenty factor in the wind of this morning we chills down to zero to ten below again nineteen or twenty for the high today tonight becoming mostly cloudy down around ten than steady or rising temperatures after midnight cloudy tomorrow cold was a lifestyle possible late hi run twenty six not quite as cold and light snow could spill over to early Thursday only attesting to maybe a half inch could be a few spots north of the city get up to an inch then becoming partly cloudy Thursday afternoon thirty two Friday partly to mostly sunny thirty three Saturday partly to mostly sunny thirty six I'm Tim ago from the double jump on the seventy eight degrees right now in Chicago in the wind chill is mine is eight the weather is our top story this morning the weather could see record breaking cold temperatures today's Tim said the National Weather Service says temps may only reach the low tech twenties which would easily break the record for the state the coldest high in November twelfth that record twenty eight degrees in nineteen ninety five sub zero windchill factors are out reading commuters this morning WGN spoke with south side a writer Patrick green outside the CTA's redline station at ninety fifth game I was like a ton of bricks and a it gets warmer clothes in the wind chill now minus eight in Chicago with up to a half foot of snow blanketing some parts of the Midwest Chicago got about four inches yesterday cost icy conditions at all here an American Airlines plane skidded off the runway on landing passenger Louise Taurus was on board that aircraft when we first see the ground I didn't feel that the plane was an actually stopping it was they kept on going he was sliding on the ice police are investigating after letters containing racist slurs were sent to three north suburban schools in recent weeks officials at Evanston Skokie district sixty five say the letters were mailed to Kingsley elementary park school and the J. E. A. L. E. H. education center the most recent was received November seventh officials say acts of racism will not be tolerated.

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