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Barricaded herself inside a hotel room in Bangkok sang she's afraid to go home to her family. She says they're abusive. We'll talk to the deputy Asia director Human Rights Watch. And a question. Many of us ask this time of year are my symptoms a bad cold. Or are they the flu? There is a way to tell. It's Monday January seven anchor and author Katie Couric is sixty two years old today. And the news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. A partial shutdown of the federal government is in its third week over President Trump's demand for border wall funding as part of a government spending plan. NPR's John Burnett says the White House says senate's latest offer to democratic leaders in the house. The White House is asking for two hundred and thirty four miles of steel barrier which works out to about twenty four million dollars a mile under the border security plan submitted by customs and border protection. The administration is also asking for about ten thousand new immigrant detention beds seven hundred and fifty new border patrol agents and seventy five additional immigration judges. What's new is an eight hundred million dollar ask for such things as medical support and transportation to address urgent humanitarian needs brought on by seriously ill migrants crossing the border. The president has said he will not sign any Bill to reopen the government unless it contains funding for his wall. Democrats who now control the house. Resounding go to any requests for more border barriers. John burnett. NPR news trade talks between the US and China resumed today in Beijing NPR's. Yuki Noguchi says word of the two day negotiating session helped to spark Friday sharp, jump in stocks on Wall Street when the Dow added more than three percent and the NASDAQ gained more than four percent, the US and China's trade battle has escalated over the last year, but the two are trying to resolve their differences and prevent further increases in tariffs disputes between the world's largest economies already led to tariff hikes on a wide range of industrial manufacturing an agricultural products. Those have had far reaching impact on companies and markets adding to that there are concerns over state-sponsored cybersecurity attacks and a slowdown in Chinese economic growth, which itself has roiled markets last week, apple slow China. Sales prompted a huge investor sell-off, the US delegation will include officials from the White House US trade Representative and. Departments of agriculture and commerce. You can Gucci NPR. News washington. Friday's gains on Wall Street were also fueled by the latest report on employment in the US. The economy added three hundred twelve thousand jobs in December far more than analysts had been forecasting the Taliban or cancelling an upcoming round of peace talks in Saudi Arabia. As NPR's Diaa Hadid reports. The insurgents say they're being pressured to meet with the Afghan government, which they don't recognize read. It says the Taliban insisted on shifting the venue of peace talks to Qatar apparently to fend off efforts by Saudi Arabia to include the Afghan government in talks. The meeting in Saudi Arabia was meant to be the fourth in a series chiefly between the US and the Taliban. They aimed at ending the seventeen year war in Afghanistan. That's NPR's Diaa Hadid. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the automaker is breaking ground today on its first factory outside the US. It's in Shanghai China where the tesla model three will be built. This is. NPR news. Authorities in Kentucky say they believe the driver of a vehicle going the wrong way on interstate seventy five early yesterday was drunk when he slammed his vehicle into an SUV in the northbound lanes five members of a Michigan family were killed in the fiery crash. The driver of the pickup truck, traveling in the wrong lanes was also killed two movies were recognized as best film at last night's Golden Globe awards in Hollywood. Here's NPR's Glen Weldon. The Golden Globes divide the best film award at the two categories best comedy or musical and best drama. The Hollywood Foreign Press association, awarded green book, best comedy or musical and bohemian rhapsody. Best drama green bookstores Mahershala Ali as Don Shirley, an African American concert pianist embarking on a tour of the deep south in nineteen sixty two and Vigo Mortenson as a white bouncer from the Bronx who serves as his driver bohemian rhapsody, a biopic about the rise of the rock band Queen stars Rummy Mollica as lead singer, Freddie. Mercury. Neither one of the two films has proven particularly popular with critics. But that didn't matter to the Hollywood Foreign. Press or two audiences to date. Bohemian rhapsody is made more than seven hundred and forty million dollars worldwide Glen Weldon NPR news, actor Kevin Spacey is due in court today in Massachusetts to face charges of battery and indecent assault. Spacey is expected to plead not guilty. He's accused of groping a man at a bar in Nantucket in twenty sixteen the alleged sexual assault involved in eighteen year old who was working as a busboy at a bar called the club car Spacey faces up to five years in prison if convicted a number of sexual assault allegations have been made against the Oscar winning actor over the past year. So I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include visit Saint Pete Clearwater with white sand, Florida beaches and mcgreevey Dolly a celebration of surrealists at the Dali museum in downtown. Saint Pete through may nineteenth more at visit Saint Pete Clearwater dot com..

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