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A perfect storm of bad weather and a global shortage of glass vases and flowers is hitting florists at just the wrong time If we don't have nothing why or red left so we can offer other colors like hap we always do something for them And if you do find some flowers expect to pay more the price of a dozen roses is up 22% from last year While the personal finance site the balance reports the price of a 12 ounce box of chocolates is up 9% Diamonds are about 15% pricier than they were last year While precious metals have actually slipped a bit Silver is down about 15% from February of last year I'm Scott Carr And people online are having a laugh after a woman in New Zealand put her husband up for auction Linda mccallister listed her husband for sale after he went for a last minute fishing trip leaving her alone with the kids and her description of her husband she says he's loyal provided he's fed and watered but added he would require house training She doesn't have the patience for before the listing was taken down The final bid was $70 I'm Jim Forbes Now there's Bloomberg sports update They went into LA losers of 7 of their last 9 and the next have now lost 8 of ten falling over time one 22 one 15 of the Lakers Next flood by 15 at the break but score just 13 points in the third RJ Barrett hit a late game tying three he had 36 a career best Julius Randle had 32 The NHL All-Star Game saw the metropolitan division come out on top of the semis 6 four over the Pacific division and then 5 three in the finals over the central division to win it all Jack used scored three goals and had an assist on the afternoon Chris crater of the rangers and at a goal the NFL Pro Bowl game will be held later today in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium one week to go to the Super Bowl as the rams in their home stadium trying to do with the bucks did on their home field last year when it all This is LA's Aaron Donald We got a lot of great players a lot of guys with a lot of experience that you played in big games So you know the second time around you know the kind of you know with respect you know everything that come with it So I know a lot of guys locked in everybody locked in So you know it feel good had the opportunity to be back at this stage This is what you work for to be able to play in a game like this and be here now Also from the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issuing a memo to all teams saying the results of the league's efforts to have coaching diversity are unacceptable In Beijing the first medal for the U.S. came in.

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