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Stuff to talk about in the news today and of course it's the continuing saga of the Boeing seven thirty seven Max the sad story that keeps on giving during this Christmas season a Boeing has announced their halting production they what they call it temporarily suspending production on the plane which sending ripples through the industry not to mention the stock market because so many suppliers are affected by this so many airlines think about this Boeing has five thousand orders for the plane there are four hundred plus planes sitting on the ground that they've built but they finished they can't deliver and in the world of airline finance Boeing doesn't get paid until the plane is actually delivered the proverbial keys being handed over and none of that's happening of course to listen to Boeing over the past couple of months you would think the plane will be flying by now if you were listening to me over the past few months you know that's not gonna happen too many regulators overseas claiming that they don't trust the FAA that they don't want to wait to just rubber stamp and F. A. A. re certification so we're gonna wait and believe it or not the strangest thing happened earlier this week the head of the FAA sat down with the head of Boeing and said here's a little news bulletin your schedule is not our schedule so based on that Boeing had to come to the realization it's going to take awhile and therefore they're holding production it's a big hit on everybody not to mention a number of airlines that depend and on that plane to fly a lot of the roots like Norwegian now United got about twenty four of them so to southwest sores American southwest already claimed a loss of revenue from Boeing and they settled but they're a lot more cases out there that have yet to be settled the store is not going away anytime soon and my prediction now as it's been for the last six months is that the Boeing seven thirty seven Max will not be flying paying passengers before April or may and it'll be interesting to see how all that comes about since the European regulators are saying that they're going to rate their to recertify the plane on their schedule so put yourself in the in the shoes of Mrs Johnson in Cleveland is she gonna wanna fly on a plane that's banned in forty countries around the world I don't think so the optics here are disastrous now will the plane fly again my prediction is absolutely well I've flown again absolutely but the important thing here are the lessons we've learned and the lessons we better apply and right now the FAA has a lot to learn and a lot to apply so for that matter does blowing up and it's not going to get better for awhile it just isn't some other things to talk about two veteran flight attendants made the news this week one is a woman that I actually did a story on that she was the oldest flight attendants at United Airlines who seniority number was number one her name was Norma heap at the age of forty season five or sixty two years of the age of eighty three she just retired this week of so congratulations to her I should tell everybody that while there is an age limit for pilots that sixty five there is no age limit for flight attendants as long as they can pass all safety tests so that was cool end up nor was a great lady and goes back to the days when service matter so I hope she's gonna have a wonderful retirement and all those strings fun she took off the plane no just kidding speaking of the coupons off the plane on the flip side of that story is the delta airlines story of another senior flight attendant who was fired she seventy nine years old for stealing milk wow now she claims she had a perfect attendance record was always written up as the exemplary flight attendant but she got fired anyway and one argument she's making as well the reason why she thinks she got fired was that she was earning get this two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year well if you gonna fly the age of seventy nine and you fly secure let's say eighteen I think you deserve your interesting to see how that court case comes out the case of the two hundred fifty thousand dollar stolen milk were allegedly stolen milk so there you have now I would be remiss if I didn't also talk about stupid things in the news yeah there's a higher hotel I'm not making a joke about this there's a Hyatt hotel there is no charging you extra if you want to use a desk in your room that's right they're charging you extra okay that's crazy enough and then some people will do anything to fly with their pets and this is the best one of all happened in Russia is a guy flying from Riga to a lot of our stock via Moscow with his cat Victor and on the flight from regular Moscow he took his calendar carrier without issue however we want to fly from Moscow to Lana Bostock his cat was waived by the gate agents and it turns out this cat was one big cat and therefore he was forbidden to fight with the cat unless she paid excess baggage and put the cat in the cargo hold well he wasn't about to do that so he devised a plan he re booked for travel the next day and here's what he did he borrowed somebody else's cat just to check in for the flight so the cat would be wait and then on the way to the plane he swapped cats where it didn't quite work and guess what he was a he got in trouble anyway three of the overweight cat listen folks we're seeing new rules all the time for the department of transportation and none too soon about emotional support animals what qualifies as one and the days of the parents and ferrets and cockatoos and peacocks and snakes may be coming to an end up hopefully by the end of January the US department of justice will come out with unilateral across the board rules not leave it to individual airlines to determine who's fido and whose fluffy and allow the rest of us to fly unencumbered on flights without the emotional support donkey the computing you know I'm not up and now given the Holy Spirit a lot of relationships are you know coming to an end during the holidays but nobody wants to break up during the holidays they just one which will next year well there's a great story here and there's and there's a lesson here to up what interested she's nineteen years old she was breaking up with boyfriend and she found all his love letters and decided to incinerate them however she tried to use a butane lighter and they couldn't they wouldn't in light so she left them on.

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